Looking for SSF4:AE2012 friends/sparring partners


Hey, everyone. I’m looking to get better at SSF4, so I’m looking for somebody to spar with. I don’t consider myself to be very good, though. I mostly play Rose and Evil Ryu, but I sometimes play Dan.

I’m not always available to play, though. Work takes up a lot of my time.

My PSN name is Onilink154.


Hey i’m looking to better myself too.if your from europe maybe we can help each other :slight_smile:


I’m from UK, beginner level and playing Guile.
psn: I-Z-O-N


I’m picking up SF4 again now that Ultra arrives. I’m from Europe (GMT+2) and play mainly Oni.
Add me with a message telling you want to spar.
PSN: DarkSephiroth07


I’ve been away working since April, but am due back in the UK soon.
I’ve preordered USF4, so if any of yous are still looking for a sparring partner, I’m still game.