Looking for SSF4 Players in NYC

Hey guys, long time reader first time poster. I just moved to NYC last week for Virginia. Now that I have the hang of taking the subway, not getting lost(usually), everything being so expensive, and dealing with crazy people I think it’s time for me to venture out and meet some like-mind individuals. I’m currently staying in the Bronx but I’ll be moving to a more permanent residence in Far Rockaway. According to Google the closest arcade to me is Next Level located in Brooklyn. I hoping once I get settled in I could start making “real” friends from the SRK community. Hope to hear back from someone/anyone soon because I’m really trying to take my game to a more competitive level.


Aside from The Next Level check out:
8 bit and Up- on St. Marks for casuals adn occasional tourneys (on facebook too)
Meetup.com- just do a search for SF4
S.O.S. charity gaming (on facebook)
also look up Guard Crush info for their tourney and 8 on the Break in NJ for tourney info.

Thanks for the info man, I knew there had to be more than one well known arcade. Only thing I can’t seem to find is the S.O.S. one. I highly doubt its the Soldiers of Satan group I saw on Facebook. I’ll definitely be heading out to these events once I’m settled.

Also, props on that Guru quote.

it’s this Saturday. hope you can make it.

well i live in the bronx and it sucks having no friends who play streetfighter as serious as me :frowning:

Awesome! Where in the Bronx are you? Ya it would be cool to have someone local to practice with. Arcades are cool but I don’t want to take a one and a half train ride every time I want to play someone!

I live in the Bronx, by West Farms Square by the 2 and 5 line.

I live in riverdale Near Fordham

Damn the bx?! Lol where the queens players at?

I have no idea where any of those places are off the top of my head -- but according to Google, Imperator Optimus, you are like only a 20 minute walk away for where I live As for you Mr. Pavy I have no idea where you are -__- Google says your like a two hour walk away from me but I don’t know if that’s right. Mind telling me if it is? I live on E Tremont Ave near Castle Hill

East tremont isnt very Far lol

Well how far away is it? I want to start getting so practice in ASAP.

well some season players like Chris G are going to be at the SOS event. its a friendly atmosphere and they have booze. if drinking not your thing the food is awesome. hope some of you Bx folks come down tomorrow.

Sounds good where’s the event at I might show my face, depending on what’s going on tommorow.

I’m really not too far, it’s a short bus ride. I figure you’re not too far from Westchester Square

Ya it’s like a 15-20 min walk from where I stay. We should maybe all get up on day and run some sets. I have AE on my laptop so I can bring it to where ever. All you need is your stick :3

im in the bronx close to the soundveiw area, i play sf and mvc and im always down for some sessions…

so am i,im trying to get better

so whats good lets set something up, where can we play?

it cant be at my house :stuck_out_tongue: