Looking for SSFIV players in Arlington TX


Nothing special no tourneys or anything, I just can’t seem to find a good scene nearby & just need better competition in casuals. Thanks.


post here


what if he doesnt want to.


then he can go to dustloop and hang with drgnak and his blazblue buddies.


Thing is that DTX thread is very unorganized & is mostly around Dallas & Houston. Dallas is close but I need people to play for casuals. Still I’ll give it a try just to see who’s close.


Ey fuck you buddy… blazblue is the shit


you’re pretty lucky to have a place as close as dallas to get games in


SSF4 my place tonight, anybody down just P.M me ur number and ill give u directions…

Played on X360


Sup Guys just giving you a heads up of whats happening in Chuco-town and your all invited to

The more comp the better so it be awesome if you can attend

Any questions you can Pm me


Ne players in downtown?!