Looking for stick modder in NYC


Looking for a stick modder in NYC to solder / change my MAS over to Xbox360. It’s a perfect 360 stick if that makes a difference in pricing. I would do it myself but I don’t have the time nor the patience. The caveat to it being, I’d like some sort of solution to the headset issue plug.

Looking for someone local unless you are super duper pro and then I’ll ship to you I guess. Looking for this to be hasslefree on my side, so you provide the PCB and let me know the price for your work.



What type of parts are in the stick besides the perfect 360? What kinda buttons? If you need the pcb for the 360 then you’re gonna need someone to get the pad, hack the pad and wire it all up for you. Networkingyuppy might be able to help you. He does great work. Keep in mind that you’re gonna have a pretty high price because of the pad and the padhack. PM him to see if he can help you.

I already have a dual mod pcb set up already wired up so that’s another option for you too.http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=229253


If you can’t find anyone local, I highly recommend Gummowned.



Yeah, Gummowned is serious business. His prices are resonable too. If you have to ship to anyone, he’s the way to go. Gummy can find a way to get that headset jack inside the balltop of your stick!!! Real talk! He’s that skilled.


I recommend my boy Ben Fong (networkingyuppy). Good guy, skilled , and plus he’s in NYC.

Not sure if he’s doing any modding services right now, but he usually does.


2nd that


there is his profile to pm him