Looking for Street Fighter 2 remixes (Ken especially)

For me, Ken’s track from SF2 defines the entire series. Ten years later its still stuck in my head! Can anyone provide links to some good remixes of Ken’s SF2 theme? Also I love Ryu’s theme and Guile’s. Here are some I liked:

Chiptunes remix of Ken’s theme (old-school greatness)

Real American Hero remix of Guile’s SF2 theme (awesome techno feel)

Unique take on Ryu’s SF theme (love the Asian sound)

The popular “Ken Song” (lyrics!)

I’m also looking for any original rips of Ken, Ryu, or Guile from SF2. Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy some of these remixes. I know I did.

Anyhow, I absolutely love the series. Been playing for 10+ years now. Never took part in tourneys though (job, family and all). I hope to test my skills one day so I’ll be sticking around here. Please don’t let my current “noob” status discourage replies!

If you can find the “Street Fighter Tribute Album”, there are amazing Ken, Guile, Vega (Claw), Sagat remixes on there.
A lot of game composers from other companies worked on it.
Yasunori Mitsuda (Composer for Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross/Secret of Mana/Xenogears) does a fairly cool Blanka remix on there.

The Ken one is done in 80’s hard rock style, the Guile one is 80’s rock as well, but it’s a softer piece. The Vega one is done in old Latin guitar style, and the Sagat one has some sick trumpet/electric guitar work.

The others don’t stand out quite as much, but they’re good. The Blanka one has some nice piano/electric guitar solos, the Bison one is really weird and experimental, it’s like a jazz/lounge/funk/rock/something mix, and the Ryu one would be good, but it has some cruddy vocals on it. There’s a trance-ish version of Balrog (Boxer)'s theme, but it didn’t really didn’t do all that much for me. The rest are meh.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I’ll be hitting up eBay soon. :slight_smile:

hey I didn’t know this,I’m probably getting it as well. I just love chrono trigger songs

Hit me up on AIM, and I can hook you up with the SF Tribue Album.

I like Chun’s theme on the Tribute Album. And Zangiefs as well.

Chun’s had a few decent parts with the Chinese violin, but it was a happy hardcore mix.
I hate happy hardcore :frowning:

Yeah, The SF tribute album did own…
What was capcom thinking when they let that guy sang the Ryu Theme :wtf:
And the CD had an awesome cover on it, I liked the design!

Cover: http://pds.egloos.com/pds/1/200406/01/69/a0014369_4425137.jpg

Back: http://www.chudahs-corner.com/img/cpca1083_back.jpg

Have you heard Mighty Wings by Cheap Trick? It sounds like ken’s theme at first. Its probably what ken’s bgm was based on, well just that one part of the song.

WTF Balrog’s (boxer) tribute music was the best on that album! Recognize!

On the Tribute Album, Chun Li and Dhalsim songs are also very good

If you like an electric guitar feeling??? {I really don’t know how to describe it, sorry} then see if you can get the Street Fighter Alph-Lyla Rock Album.
Another pretty good album is the Street Fighter Image album.

I forgot which is which, but one of the discs, has the for bosses themes blended one after another then ends with balrog{boxer}…LOL.

You guys need to just freaking ask me if you are looking for a song… geez… It would save you so much time.


Http://www.shadowhaxor.net/request/trib <---- Look in there!!!


dies from heart attack

Hey, you… No dying on my watch!!:clap:

told you it was the best on that album… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great recommendation.

I’ve just finished listening to the Tribute Album…for the 12th time. It’s great stuff. I love all the remixes because they all sound so different. My favorites are Guile and Blanka. Zangief and Vega stand out as well. I’m looking for more Furukawa stuff as a result.

you sir, are a god!! :pray:


SF Alpha Lyra soundtracks! …find em
SF Underground
The soundtrack to the sf2 Amiga game. I think it was for Amiga… it was posted in Gaming once, and all of the files were .ogg —> Super_Street_F2T_CD32_CDDA