Looking for Street Fighter Zero 3 game quides or artbooks

I find the art style of CRMK for SFZ3 to be his best, I’ve been searching for a mook or guide that has plenty of CRMK’s artwork for this game, anyone know if there’s any publication for this game?

There are four books I currently know of that are just for Zero 3, and none are extremely art-heavy as say Eternal:

  1. SFZ3 Gamest Mook #159
  2. All About SFZ3
  3. SFZ3 Official Guidebook Challenger’s Edition
  4. SFZ3 Official Guidebook Master’s Edition

The first two are for the arcade version, and the second two are for the Playstation version.

That’s very helpful thanks, the problem with Eternal was that they wasted full size pages on very uninteresting artwork (imho) and then they reproduced some of the SFZ3 character art stamp size! So it looks like we’re out of luck for a good reprodution of the art done for SFZ3 :confused: Maybe Capcom.jp books will make a Zero series arbook like they did for the Vampire Hunter games.

Tell me about it, I’ve yet to see anyplace with B&W art for Zero 3’s endings for instance, while there’ve been several for Zero 1 & 2; hopefully they will. You’re welcome aguazul.