Looking for Strider Hiryu's MvC2 sprite sheet

Yeah that’s all. Thanks in advance of course.

google is usely your best bet. if you did that and typed “strider sprites” you would’ve found a site with a small sheet on hiryu. at this moment that site is down but lucky for u i saved the file like 5 months ago.

also, if you had looked at one of the threads that is stickied and for a good i mite add you wouldve seen a great post in this thread by a man named quiche.

good day.

i got a ton of strider animations… somewhere… looks

Before asking ppl to find the sprites for you, you should do a IMM search (“mvc2 sprites”) or go here http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61082.
If you can’t find any mvc2 sprites just go to emu gif and get the sprites from other games.


i did but I got lazy and it was throwing up all kinds of threads…

I am deeply grateful though for the sheet and the animations.

How come Hiryu never uses the other handle (or is it hilt) on his sword to change up his moves?