Looking for stuff in south western ONT


Hey guys,

I’m a 19 year old living in Stratford and I’m on the look out for some people to play Marvel with. I’m just getting into it really and it’s tough to train in my town cause… Well… As far as I know I’m the best we’ve got by a significant margin, and I’m a scrub. I’m looking to get to competitive level eventually. Generally speaking I can make it to anything south of toronto, Guelph would be really easy cause my friend (who can drive) 's GF lives in Fergus so he goes there a lot. Waterloo would also be easy cause it’s a half an hour away.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.




Both the K/W and guelph threads can be found on the front page of this sub-forum; you can also find more information about the k/w scene here.

Edit: Jing beat me to it.


Basically you are in between 2 main areas, waterloo and london. Being from waterloo initially I am pretty boiased as we have put a lot of time into our scene (setup, location, etc) so I would recommend there. most of the guelph guys come down to us anyway. Check out the Bison’s Autoshop thread. Casuals are every wednesday and sunday.