Looking for Tatsunoko vs capcom players


I want to make like a moderate group of Tatsunoko vs capcom players and maybe we can meet up on msn or skype and play against each other.


Hey im getting tvc next week, I’ll be glad to make an msn group with you so we could get better with each other. I think tvc has alot of potential to be a highly competitive game. If you saw the evo streams you know what Im talking about. I’ll let you know.


ok cool.


I’m game! FC- 1291-1031-5917
Oh yeah, here’s my AIM:blackheart2782
MSN: jjbermudez1@hotmail.com
yahoo messenger: ddeerr727@yahoo.com

these are just so that you can let me know if you want to battle or whatever.


been looking to get my skills up too

i’m online almost all the time i would like to make some wii friends through the game but i cant and for now its the only game i have.

My info: Wii code- 7226-2953-6998-7265
Tatsunoko code- 3953-9098-0284

as i stated that is the only game that i have for wii so i am on it all the time (i was awaiting its arrival for a good amount of time) so whenever you see me on challenge or email me if you just want to chat.

The baron takes his leave…peace


TvC Player

I play every now and then. Online lag has disappointed me at times, but I’m waiting for a LAN adapter to come in via mail. Hopefully make’s a difference. Anyways, here’s my friend code for anyone that wants to play. Email to let me know.


STORMIN9: 5414-1313-1782


I’ve been looking for some players to play with, I’m still fresh and new to this game, and need some competition to get me motivated into getting better.

I tried playing some games online, but they were all very laggy, and I couldn’t so much as do one single combo.

I don’t have a MSN account yet, but if you have AIM we could use that as well.


hey there baron you know who this is


the online portion of this was pretty damn bad, i wish they handled it like the way nintedo handled the online to mariokart that was effin’ flawless


Iku Ze!

Hey, I love TvC and have a pretty good grip on the game and I’d like to fight some new people and get to know some more fighters! I’ll add my FC later. You can challenge me at driftmaestro12@live.com. I’m always ready for a fight!:nunchuck:


I’m up for a challenge.

My TvC code: 3352-8904-8200

My Skype name: gs_edgeman

Aim: Doctor Macabre13