Looking for TE Stick modification (San Francisco, Bay Area)


I’d like to mod my 360 TE stick to play on the PS3.

I live in the bay area and wouldn’t mind driving as far north as San Francisco and as far south as San Jose to get it modded.

Any insight on this would be appreciated. (Price, expectations, things I should consider/read before I mod, etc.)



i live in sac, if you want to send it to me i can throw a cthulu and an imp in there. you just pay for parts and shipping.


nin-jay, could you mod mine too? Were you the one who modded John B.'s TE? Could you do PS2 cables as well? We could meet up sometime in Davis or I can hand my arcade stick over to one of the Sacramento guys.


i never did ps2 cables, but im sure its easy. MC cthulu and i can try out that rj45 mod so you can switch your cables out and it will look clean. i have been messing around building my own case. I work at a electrical supply company and we have junction boxes that are 12x10x4 that i am using becaus i can get them for 12 bucks instead of 40.

i am planning on going the the muga tourney. i could meet you there.


Hey Ninjay, how long would it take for you to mod and send back if I had it delivered to you by next week Wednesday?


you have to order the parts first. the parts will be about 50 bucks depending where you buy it. i couldnt do anything until you get those. but if you did manage to get those parts and get it here by wednesday… i would ship it out on thursday or friday.

if you wanted to cables coming out of your TE i can use a sixaxis pcb… but i heard those are hard to mod. i could do it though.


Dumb noobie question that I’m sure has been answered a million times before: Where are some good places for me to order the parts I need?


Hey nin-jay, what parts would I exactly need to be able to make my PS3 TE stick play on 360’s? (Can you like send me a link on ebay) And how much would you charge for the labor? If I order the parts how long would it take for you to do it? I’ll be down to drive down to sac and wait till it’s done.


yo ninjay… i may be interested in modding my 360 SE to work for ps3. if noontide and i decide we wanna do it would you be down for us to drive from davis and meet you up in sac one day/night and get them done?


Could you mod my TE stick to work on 360, please? I already have a cthulu board in it, and I will provide the xbox 360 controller for you to break uh. Yeah. Can we like schedule a day where we could meet and exchange this?


Damn Nin-jay you should be chargin’ mad skrilla! muahahaha


team davis will love you after this.


ill do whatever you guys want. i wont charge much, because im about comraderie rather than profit. ill be in davis on saturday, so we can all talk then.


modchipman.com, gamingnow.net are probably the best bet right now. otherwise i would say lizardlick.com, but hes hella busy.