Looking for team synergy


Hey guys, was wondering if someone could stop by and give me a quick tip. Basically I’m trying to get back into marvel but I’d like to start doing better then I was before now that I fixed my arcade stick. My team has never really been solid and I was hoping if some people out there could help me get some more synergy out of a team so I can start doing better. Anything helps, and is very appreciated.

Here are the characters I feel I’m doing well with right out of the gate, suggested teams(order and assists even?) again are very helpful to me as it will give me a place to start: Akuma, Ryu, Dante, Magneto, Amaterasu, Deadpool, C. Viper, Ghost Rider, Dormammu, Iron Man, Haggar, Chris Redfield, and Spencer.

Kind of a strange list but they are the characters I feel the most comfortable using/got farthest on missons right off the bat. Anyway thanks again.


I would post this in the team building thread but to answer your question, don’t base your opinion on characters from how far you got in mission mode because mission mode is dumb. I say you pick one or two characters you really like and FIT YOUR PlAYSTYLE, then pick Amaterasu with cold star doctor doom with missiles or sentinel with drones. There are plenty of forums and YouTube videos to learn from so if you like a character, learn them.


My first synergy Magneto, Missiles, Top tier neutral assist.

We have a thread for this

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