Looking for temporary authority from a mod


hey guys i posted about this and no one replied… and i don’t know who ask… so hopefully this gets someones attention… btw i’m not trolling… since no one has taken the initiative to do so i’m simply asking someone to temporarily give me the authority to create sub-forums for all the characters for kof xii… so that we don’t have so many threads floating around… just someone has to tell me how to do it and i’ll take the time to do it… if u guys trust me i’ll even update the first post of each character with b&bs and best cc combos…


At least someone should do it


It’s not really warranted. Look at the activity on this part of the forumit’s practically non-existent. A single thread for each character is sufficient at this point as hardly anyone is playing the game due to the broken online.

Sad, but true.


QFT unfortunately…