Looking for the name of this old game

Hope you guys can help me to identify this fighting game. I don’t know anything about it except for these two things:

Was already around about at least 8-9 years ago, so its quite an old game. I think it was on Sega Meagdrive/Genesis or Playstation.

There was a character in it kind of like a blob, quite a unique character. It was blue I think. It is like a blob that can move around and change shapes. Kind of looks like Arakune in game from BlazBlue (which is why I was reminded of this in the first place).

Does anyone know?

clayfighter <3

EDIT: link for emphasis

my god!!! the blob brings back horrible memories of spammy saw blade scrubs! those game mechanics make me cringe, even in remembrance!

while were trying to figure out the name of games. can someone help me out here. its not a fighting game…

It was an old jap genesis game. All i remember is that whether you played it co-op or not there were always two people on screen, and enemies came out from both right and left side. any ideas?

Thanks, but I don’t think its that game.
I think the game was a bit more serious than that.
It might have been a Japanese release only game.
Most of the other characters I think were normal looking, only that one character’s specialty is hes a blob.

whats not normal about this?


Asura Buster? http://i39.tinypic.com/2h5o0p1.jpg

Sorry… still not it…
The character was quite ‘short’. Well… its a blob anyway.
Hopefully someone can identify this… It was quite a difficult game in my vague memory.

Did you ever play it? What are the graphics like? How do you play it?

It feels so long ago that I was quite young at that time so unfortunately I can’t remember much.
The graphics style was different to the Marvel vs Capcom/ Street Fighter sprites, so I am inclined to think it is not a Capcom game.
I think its a standard 2D fighting game with special moves, maybe not supers though. Each character seem to have specialities (cant remember the other characters), for example, the blob thing has special blob abilities and moves.

I know exactly what game you’re talking about, it’s called: Don’t be so Stupidly Vague Alpha Reload #

That game is awesome, im surprised anyone else has even heard of it.

An alternate name for the blob in it (vebel) was Nanami. Weird.

I use Alice. tiger knee bombs all day, and random skeleton cheapness ftw.

I also like that there’s a character NAMED goat. WTF.

I hope you don’t have Shuma Gorath in mind?
(because you said it’s not capcom…)

Sorry this is about all that I can remember. I am trying to remember any aspects of the game I can think of. I think it was older than World Heroes series, but the game feel is a little bit like World Heroes Perfect.

Maybe we can name all the games with blob-like characters in them. :smiley:

A boy and his blob

Slaughter Sport/Tongue of the Fat Man? Then again I don’t think you can forget a game where the boss hits you with a tongue from his gigantic stomach and when you get beat, the land sharks eat you.

I sounds like clayfighter’s blob but then again there might be some other weird game with a blob character.

Still not it…

I looked up a little bit about clayfighter, its not clay fighter.
From my memory, the game was not really ‘weird’ it was a normal fighting game with normal characters. The fact that there was a blob-like character makes me think that the game might have a ‘superhero/magic/monster’ storyline, eg. World Heroes Perfect.

Don’t be so goddamn vague and maybe we can help you out. Seriously, I was a huge Mega Drive freak and I have no idea of what the shit you may be talking about.

Guys, can you tell me what’s the name of that one game, that had that one guy, who threw projectiles? It wasn’t SF…