Looking for the perfect Joystick for fighting games

First off I want say this is a great forum for info for us DIY gamers. I’ve looked over some reviews and found this joystick which has been posted here also. I’m hearing so much about UltraStik 360 Joystick and was wondering is there anything out there that beats this joystick when it comes to features etc? I really like it because it can be programed and I can set it between 4way to 8way as well as other maps. Great for classic games.

Right now I have the control panel and push buttons of choice but still deciding on the right joystick. I would like to have my joystick as real as the arcade comes at home but also want something that has great control for motions like 360s and fireball motions with smoothness. I would like to hear anyone suggestions of choice. My main reason for a joystick is to use for fighters and second for classic games like Pac Man etc. Thanks for any help here.

First, quit with the all boldface, it hurts the eyes.

Second most people here use either Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu LS-32 or Happs Competition since these are the exact same sticks used in the arcade cabinets (Sanwa or Seimitsu for Japanese style balltop with gate, Happs for US style bat top and no gate).

you need to get a stock mayflash stick, those are the best sticks that all the pro-gamers use. but there are a lot of Chinese bootleg ones at online sites so the only way to get a real one would be to buy a 1 way ticket to northern Africa and travel about 8000 miles east through the Sahara on camel back then down the Nile river on a raft made by the prince of Zamunda 20 years ago while he was in control of that area there.

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lol I love your posts, great imagination! :slight_smile:

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Hard to read for me in black letters using SRK Black Forum Skin.

A lot of others have two, four and eight way settings even though with an extra / other restrictor plate.
What would you use the programmable feature for?

I would just like to be able to switch between 4way and 8way with ease. Without have to open cabinet.

can’t read your post so can’t reply.

How do you use the black theme lol…

as far as i know, doing that without opening the cabinet is not possible, not even on the happ perfect 360.

edit: as far as joysticks that can switch between 4 and 8-way restriction, pretty much everything you see here can be adjusted between the two. the only ones that can’t are the happ/iL competitions/euro, and the seimitsu LS-56. also please read this and the page that comes directly after it.

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It seems you still need to open it up if you want to change restrictors on the Ultimarc UltraStik 360.