Looking for the right Restrictor plate


Okay so i have the Madcatz SE stick

Even though i swapped out the buttons for sanwas

I like the Joystick just fine (I just bought it recently so they fixed the washer problem that plagued the 1st batches)

With that being said, i want to try a new restrictor plate (sometimes i have problems with dragon punches and other stuff)

But i don’t know which one will fit the madcatz joystick… (looking to get an octagonal btw)

Any suggestions???


The stock SE stock still has a terribly large deadzone and unresponsive microswitches that a new gate isnt gonna fix.


Replace with a proper JLF, then see if you still want a new gate.


Gotta agree with d3v on this one. Pick up a JLF and an octo gate and experiment with both the stock square gate and octo gate. Dont rush take time with each. Dragon punches are pretty easy on square gates.


uh… is it one of the WWE brawl SE sticks?
cause if it isnt it probably still has the washer issue…
correct me if im wrong but i dont think any changes were done to the SE sticks except for after the TVC stick

i personally just removed the washers JUST IN CASE they start scratching the pcb.

with your restrictor plate issue um… i havent tried putting in my sanwa restrictor plates into the stock SE stick but ill report in when i do to see if it fits, but like others previously said the stock stick has a HUGE dead zone, but if you like it its fine with you.

edit: oh yeah the stock SE stick is most closely modeled after the sanwa JLF sticks… so IF the restrictor plates are compatible it would be one of the JLF gates, also toodles designed and LL sells a circular insert for the JLF restrictor plates if you wanted to try round. still no guarantees a JLF restrictor plate will work until i try it though


i had the same experience as you.

if you swapped out the buttons, you might as well swap out the joystick with a Sanwa. its more sensitive so its easier to do quarter circles. i thought i needed a octagonal gate too but i just got use to the square and now i prefer it because you can feel the corners when doing dragon punch motions.