Looking for the Sharingan Avatar

Alright, I’ll be blunt. I haven’t been to shoryuken in a LONG time. Needless to say though, I’m looking for something that I saw 'back in the day.'
An avatar, from Naruto, featuring Sasuke’s Sharingan eye. What made this one so cool was that the sharingan dots spun.
I have looked through the old posts of yester-year, and still to no avail. So I’m either assuming that they person changed their avatar, or I’m on crack.


I think that was Sword_Saint’s avatar.

Unless you meant this one.

Here’s his profile…anyway…


this one?



da waaaH!!>??

heh, you’re gonna like your new av…:stuck_out_tongue:

He comes out of nowhere with the av. and Im bored. psst, they’re not buying it…IRISH POWAH~!!!:confused::cool:

please don’t tell me~!!!:sweat:

and I have to give tru3tn01 respect and proudly show his work:)
so if there is an Av for me then you can hold on to it and tweak with it to make it bad ass or something lol^_^

yeah, that’s it.