Looking For the Top 4 SSF4 competitive hubs in the Atlantic North

I’m Mike D. (Sobione) from BLGaming -

For anyone that doesn’t know me - I own a competitive gaming company based in CT (BLGaming | Play to Win or Don’t Play at All) focused on bringing competitive, skill based PC and console gaming into the mainstream and allowing members from various gaming communities to interact with one another.

We are currently working on a large scale project and need to identify the four (4) largest SSF4 hubs in various regions around the country.

If you currently promote or organize tournaments in your area, and feel your community represents the most active in your region - please send me an email at sobione@blgaming.com with the subject line “SSF4 Hubs”. I am very interested in speaking with you. Our time-line is fairly short so your immediate attention is appreciated.


Mike D. Wiston
Chief Marketing Officer
Borderland Gaming
BLGaming | Play to Win or Don’t Play at All
Skype: elevatexnyc@gmail.com