Looking for the True Master of Gouken



Hey the title saids it all. Ever since I picked up the old man and made him my main, I like the respect I get from people I played and at the tournament scene when they give me respect for taking Gouken to a tourn. As I’m sure Shine and Osiris can vouche for, to defeat players with a character that the majority of the community call a gimmick (which he is) its a good feeling.

Now, I’m trying and so far been slightly successful of getting my skills with the old man up there, but I need to face the strongest Gouken players out there, not just in a Gouken mirror but to see what they do in response to other situations as well. I could use the majority of the cast In SF4, not at high level but I know what I’m doing. I’m a firm believer that if you want to get good at this game or any fighting game, you need to take the beatings from the best and if there a certain character you trying to learn, than you need to find the best player with that character and learn from them.

So I ask, who in SRK is considered to have the strongest Gouken gameplay that can evaluate my performance. I’m also open to any gouken mirror from anyone, hit me up on XBL.


this is pretty much what i was trying to accomplish with the thread i made titled looking for a gouken training partner or whatever. anyway, lets see, raun where you at, he would be a good one to face. Another few that i have played are: Reipen Pillage, Elliott gt: dead format, and Wantonx gt: ROFLHawse

They are all good opponents that you should be able to judge yourself by and learn something from. Ill hop in on this too and play ya, but as i see you live in NJ our connection will most likely be ass. Most guys that i have had matches with from EC has been such, but who knows. looking forward to it though.


the true master of gouken is the one who wins the most with him in tournaments.
when you enter a tournament, you know everyone is playing to win.
not only should the competition be more intense, the pressure is more intense.
tournament matches count.
valle, sanford, guyofkaillera, shine, osiris, OoKiLLaKeLLyoO and darkknight1078 are the only players i can think of that use gouken.
this thread might be a good place for a collection of gouken tournament performances.


I have used Gouken in Tournaments too, but I bet you mean “good tournaments”, then that is kinda hard to come up with, since not everybody can be in a tournament where Sandford or Valle play at. =/


that can also work as well.


I don’t see the point of this thread, other than for players to stroke their own egos.


no, i didnt mean that at all.
i just dont know everything about everything, which is unfortunate but most likely appropriate and there are probably many good players that i know nothing about.
if someone uses gouken in tournaments and they want to level up, looking for a challenge by making themselves known here could help.

as a collection of tournament performances it could be very helpful.
it is a little late in the game though.
for ssf4 a tournament performance specific thread will be very useful.
combo videos and “look at me” videos should be separate.


update your original post with the tournament performances that people post here.
we can still get a lot out of it.


Thank you for posting all these videos in one place Raunwynn. Much appreciated.


these were easy to collect because frame-advantage.com is so organized.
the harder ones to get are the west coast goukens, like valle.
it would take a lot longer to put all of those together.


There is no ‘Master Gouken’.
For a ‘master’ seeks neither labels or praise. And as well all well know, Gouken IS the master. So to call him such would be to diminish his standing as thus. :china:

(Did that make any sense at all…? :confused:)

…oh! Gouken vids! :woot:

*scampers off *


west coast goukenism


Yo I’ve watched GuyofKaillera play at Sogo hes got a sick gouken going on.


yeah, that guy is really good.
i want some videos of him fighting top cammys.
i am at my wit’s end with that matchup.


Whether you play in tournaments or not means nothing. You didn’t know who Shine was until his very first tournament (which happens to be the vids you posted), but he was no worse the day before that tournament, which was his first.


casuals and online matches are fun, but they dont count.
if you lose in a casual or online, nothing was lost.
tournaments are meaningful because the players are there to take home the prize and prove they are the best player.
tournament heart rate > casual heart rate.
if you dont care about the glory and respect of being the best player or about winning under pressure or smashing other people to take home prizes or displaying your skill for the community against the best competition, then i guess tournaments are meaningless, for you.


You basically said that unless someone plays in a tournament and wins they cannot be good. Yet that was Shines first tournament. before that, it was all online matches. So according to you he sucked the day before his tournament and the day of he was all of a sudden good? Just because he played in a tournament?

I’ll say it again, Shine was the same player the day before the tournament and the day of. Just because he proved to YOU how good he was through tournament wins means nothing, he was still good before the tournament.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Whether you play in tournaments or not has nothing to do with skill level. You can be good and not play in tournaments. I’m not saying online matches validates anything, I’m just saying that you don’t HAVE to be in tournaments to be good. If Justin Wong stopped playing in tournaments for the rest of his life but whooped anyones ass outside of tourneys, would you doubt his skill?


Shine got 2nd place at a local. Its a great start but hes not a champion or anything. You definitely have to play in tournaments (A LOT) to be on Justin Wong’s level. Its not like he mastered a bunch of games online and decided to show up to some tourneys while he had the time. He played like fuck and prolly lost plenty at the start. If Justin Wong stopped playing in tourneys he could do well but he would be using the experience he got from tourneys.


i was really pissed off when i read that.
its like you are misunderstanding me on purpose just to get in a fight.
i dont want to get in a stupid argument.
i am not putting down online play at all and i did not say someone couldnt be good if they didnt play in tournaments.
the point of a tournament is to have everyone get together and see who the best player is.
those are the matches i want to see for real, effective play where the only goal is to win.
in casual matches people try a lot of things for fun, or to look cool or to be silly.
that stuff is a handicap in tournament play and most people edit it out of their play style when they want to win.
tournament play should represent the best a player can do to win against all competition.
you like to say shine this and shine that, the only reason most people know who shine is is because of his tournament performance.
no one cares if you beat some guy in a few casuals.
if you beat well respected tournament players for money, people care a lot and they want to know how you did it.


I don’t know who the “True” master of Gouken is but it was fun playing against GoatheadX and Osiris. I’m assuming those two I’ve played are the ones that post on this forum as well. :< I went toe-to-toe with both of them and I can see where my weaknesses and strengths are. To be consistent in tournament with Gouken is a pretty big damn feat in my opinion. I have trouble even beating my locals here, who including some widely known players i.e. Sabre, MrSNK, Juicebox Abel and more. I wish every gouken player good luck who enters a tourney because that takes some balls. lol