Looking for tips/advice



I recorded some videos of me playing against a friend. Would like some tips and advice to get better.

I am player 2 in all videos. I would also like to know how to do some easy resets with Magneto.











Let me know what you think.


Reset: When you enemy is at rom height jsut sj. lk addf and you are in the other side do whatever u want.

Or at Rom height nj.lk adf + assist u on the other side and enemy is falling to the ground u can snap back or otg once he hits the gorund

Do you have an xbox>? If so add me. My gamertag is MsWi5kers


I only have it on dreamcast. You might notice we use 1 button dash replacing an assist since we only have controllers.


I only watched the first video, but why did you DHC Storm in at the very beginning? Magneto should be able to handle Cable/Psy easily.


The first special was a mistake so I DHCed to avoid a AHVB.