Looking for tips against Adon + training partner



Hey guys, I am a Chun player and I am noticing more and more lately that I don’t know how to beat a good Adon player. Sometimes I can squeak by with a win but I always know it was through luck or a result of the other player’s poor execution (i.e. missing Ultras).

What are the things Chun can do that give Adon players trouble?

What things give Adon trouble in general?

Please keep in mind I’m looking for tips against at least somewhat decent Adon players here, so “bait Rising Jaguar” doesn’t really help me here unless there is a specific mixup situation where I can do it reliably.

Also, I’m looking for some West Coast Adon players to spar against in an Endless lobby so I can get some matchup experience. Feel free to just add me, my PSN is SnakeAes.

Thanks in advance guys!


Shoot fireballs and sit back if he hops over with a jaguar kick which is only mk then punish with st fp or st rh you can rush him since his lk and mk dp’s can be meaty i say just lame it out and you can’t safe jump him so don’t even try it’s definitely a 5-5 matchup just that chun has to treat it kinda like the feilong/cammy match up you can’t let him get in you can’t space wrong he has good normals can change his angles in the air you just gotta be on point with your defense


I would have to say that you should be very careful with your fireball usage. Typically when playing against Chun I am looking for fireball use, followed by a walk forward poke of some sort. In this matchup, I would recommend not to walk forward because Adon has a lot of tools to get around fireballs. Make sure to defend, and remember that his Jaguar Kicks are safe on block.

Adon’s mk and ex Jaguar Kicks go right over her fireballs safely, and if the Adon player knows how to instant air jaguar kicks, I think heavy fireball use really just opens yourself up.

Also be weary of any wake-up EX Birds, Adon’s delayed HK Jaguar Kick stuffs this pretty easily.

I would say the best bet is to play footsies, but Adon has some good ranged pokes as well. Try back-dashing your way out of harms way when possible and see how the Adon player responds to it. All in all, I think it’s a pretty even matchup.