Looking for tips for Zangief

Here is a gameplay I’ve had with some Sagat 1600 pp, I’m around 900 pp total this was probably one of the hardest time I’ve ever had in this game to date, playing as Zangief. I’ve just started SF4 AE. I usually played Ryu in SF2 Turbo, in hard mode, but it seems like the hero is too popular and bores gamers online. So, to get to the point, although I usually win agaisn’t every unranged chars, projectiles and low-high kicks bother me when I try to get close to a character with decent range (Ryu, Sagat, Dhalsim, etc…). I’m still a relatively new Zangief player and I’m playing with a joystick.

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Basically. Slow down.

Throughout that game you ate an absolute ton of AA’s. You kept jumping and lost a round for it. Gief has amazing amounts of health, don’t be scared to accept some chip to claim that real estate and put them in the corner, Once you have them in the corner they are essentially at your mercy since they lose the ability to jump (Especially with U2, Which I heavily prefer over U1) And they are forced to play footsies with you, but with you being Gief, you can apply throw mixups and generally scare them to death.

In short.

  • Less Jumping. Don’t be scared to take chip
  • Just play the game more and more. Eventually you will just make them godlike natural reads
  • Convert from hitconfirms
  • Churn SPD All day every day