Looking for tips on composing matchup book


Hello all, first off I’d like to say that I know experience teaches a lot of what would get into this book, but I want to still do it. So if everyone where to write a matchup book for there main what would you put into it and what is vital and most important?

I was thinking of putting stuff like special moves, there properties and what’s my mains best punish. Also I was thinking of adding popular option selects, blockstrings, frame traps, gimmicks, how I want to control the match, how they want it to go and particular spacing.

Plus I just love compiling information, I’m writing in pen so I don’t want to forget anything! Input is appreciated!


There is literally thousands of pages on this subject on the IV boards. Every character sub-board has a match up specific thread filled with info from everyone. All the non-match up stuff you want to add is literally the entire IV board. So start writing…NOW!

Closing, not because your intentions are bad…but you’re inviting everyone to re-state things that have already been said multiple times on these boards. Good luck!