Looking for tips on how to buff head into ultra on xbox

:shake: Hey i suck as of right now but i just picked up boxer and im trying to figure out what imm doing wrong. i do c.lp-c.lp-c.lpxxHeadbutt but, i can never get the ultra to come out. do i have to charge it all over again, is it because of the xbox controllers ignorance to fighting games? i cant read frame data so maybe thats it but please someone help me.

when you go from down to up to do head butt; go from down back to up back to retain your charge. Then once your opponent’s character starts his descent begin the ultra motion. You want to aim for your opponent’s character to be right about at balrog’s chest or head when the ultra is activated. Try just getting the ultra to come out first, then work your way backwards to see how early you actually can do the ultra.

plus when you do the ultra i always do upper,strait,upper upper to make sure i always get the last hit. that also helps when you have them in the corner. if you trade when doing the headbutt and you land on your feet you can still get the ultra if your still charging it. throw a strait first then all the rest uppers. just use your judgement on the distance if you can connect the first hit or not if your pushed back too far. when you do the super just do all uppers, the one before the final strait will wiff but you will land the final hit. once you get this down it will be second nature.

Yeah… what the others said…
Good luck with the analog stick tho. Easy to go db, u instead of db, ub and you will lose your charge for the ultra.
Don’t input it too early, wait for Rog to land and then do the ultra motion.

But, man, seriously?.. There is a thread with almost the exact name, just below yours… http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=227248

thanks. ill try this.

thank you so much bro. its a success. and the announcer would call it “A BEEEEE-AUTIFUL THING!”