Looking for tips on ultra 2 (wrath of the 1000 raging armageddon demons of death)



so im practicing mp/mk xx fireball fadc mp/mk xx teleport xx u2

i’m not having problems mk/mp xx teleport xx u2 but i can’t hit this after a fireball fadc for some reason.

any tips here? not too sure what im doing wrong.

and one more question, what is a palm strike a good setup for? does it largely depend on what character you’re facing? is it mainly for a backdash tiger knee air fireball crossup?

also, i tested SRK fadc U2, and it works! may just be a fail troll however

also, it should be noted that akumas U1 is performed by 1000 individual demons that akuma summons, each performing a single kill, none of which are even akuma.

this was stated by akira toriyama, the creator of akuma, in an interview last week. so there’s your proof.