Looking for tips to get better with my team


I currently have a team that consists of dante, akuma, and magneto. And I’m looking for ways to improve this team in terms of synergy, mix-ups, combos etc. Any suggestions? Anything is welcome.


from your team order i would put akuma on anchor, mags can use the tatsu assist very effectively for rushdown/ hi-low game and akuma is one of the best anchors in the game in general. Also million dollars might be able to combo into a magnetic tempest from the corner (dont quote me on that thou). both mags and akuma’s assist are great for dante so i would leave him on point.

but there is a whole thread on team building you probably have better luck posting this in there.




Eh, I don’t agree with Akuma on anchor in this case.

I’d go with Dante/Akuma/Magnus.

First off, Magnus is the best anchor on the entire team; and one of the best anchors in the game. The Akuma/Dante DHC synergy also seems a lot better IMO since they both have fast beam/projectile supers that connect well together.

And don’t kid yourself, Akuma in 2nd place is no pushover; Akuma with meter can be a big threat.

Magnus’s assist is by far the most useful assist for Dante. It leads to teleport mix-ups, and is easily one of the best assists in the game due to it’s quick start-up speed of 35 frames; plus it only hits once=not heavily effecting damage scaling.

Since Akuma’s beam hyper is the fastest in the entire game plus it OTG’s you can jump up and hyper anytime Magnus’s assist lands a successful hit.

Take a look at the team building thread for further details amigo. Official and Only Team Building Thread (ALL TEAM BUILDING TOPICS GO HERE)


Please enjoy the team-building thread and the character forums. We don’t need unique threads for each possible team in the game. :slight_smile: