Looking for torunament 101 info

Hey guys,

For strarters congrats on such a great forum and comunity.

I have been playing fighting games(mainly street fighter) since around 1992 and I have only recently been introduced to the whole worlwide tournament deal. I wanted to ask the pros and those whit more experience in general to help me out with a few questions:

1- Whats the tournament game speed standard for games like super street fighter turbo and capcom vs snk 2?

2- Are you allowed to use any kind of gamepad or arcade stick, and are you allowed to configure your controler?

3- Are tournaments arcade only, or do they have console specific tournaments as well?

Thanks in advanced for the help.

I am sure someone else can give you a more comprehensive answer, but here is what I know.

  1. ST is set on the highest speed setting and is only played on cabinet or Dreamcast, because those are the only arcade perfect versions of the game.

  2. You can use a pad or a stick. It is your preference. Programmable sticks and pads have some limitations.

  3. Tournaments are done on any format that is most available to the organizers, and that has perfect emulation. It really depends on the game.

Marvel- Dreamcast
ST- Dreamcast
Guilty Gear- PS2
VF5- 360
Capcom Vs SNK 2- PS2
Street Fighter 3: 3S: PS2

Those are some of the big ones. It is what we are doing here in the Northwest for our tourney.

Hope that helps a bit.