Looking for trainer good with Adon

I am not sure if this is the place to make this thread.

I am looking for someone on the 360 and is a good adon player that is willing to help me learn him i just started using Adon, i am trying to fight someone that uses him for some tips & tricks. if you are willing to help add me Gamertag (PsC x IMMoRTaL)

I live in Tulsa, Ok (USA)
Central time

Thanks in advance

Um I can help ya get started off with Adon if you cool with me helpin ya my gamertag is origin00g33k

sounds good ill send u a FR

Ya me and Negro we play sometimes together, (not saying much but i main adon and mine is just a little more refined) not bagging on you Negro but i though u mained Fei Long since u beat me more with him, or is that just a bad match up for me

shit no doubt frenchies adon is more legit than mine, im wayy too sloppy but yea fei is my secondary

lol but I havn’t played in around 2 days so idk, I might play agasin today but I have been playing old ps1 games and just having that nostalgia from it, right now Im on digimon world and that game is hard as hell, really fun but how did they expect kids to play that

if you could help me too i would appriciate i will FR you if thats not a problem

Ya just hit me up I should be one soon

Hey I dont want to seem like im hijacking this thread but I wouldnt mind some help with my Adon. Perhaps someone here could look at some replays I have in my channel or play with me and give me tips etc. I am based in the UK but provided its not too late id accept help from any good Adon. :smiley:

Hit me up i will help ya i have an ok adon at times XD

do you have a 360 account ? or is that wrong as it only shows a PSN account ? :frowning:

option-select.com has recently upload an Adon tutorial, check it for the basic stuff!