Looking for Training partners Inmy area ( 925 Oakley/bwood/Antoch )


So Ive noticed there is a HELLA big lag in players out here. I want some people who are willing to gather once or twice a week and practice and play some god dam SSF4. I mean Im willing to drive to like concord or bay point ETC within a good distance for some good casuals. I preffer not to play online because its not really helpful. But hit me up if anyone happens to go to LMC im there everyday ( only this semester next Im going back to DVC ) we can session there. So hit me up and everyone else feel free to use this just add your info below and lets gets PLAYING.

Gt Haikuwar
PM me for other info that I dont want to put just out there
AIM Mr vince feddex


Just saying…feel bad for you. That’s pretty much in the middle of no where. Concord is where civilization begins. Concord/Pleasant Hill use to have a couple spots. Don’t think that is going down any more (DVC might get fired up again since everyone is back in school).


It sucks = (… I can literally say I’m the best player in my town and a few others…I am so willing to drive to session and get better also. DVC I may visit because that’s where I used to practice but its all like, one okay Akuma, an Okay Ryu and that’s it. I mean Shit I wanna talk Like Q zar or Antioch golf N games to getting at least ssf4 in the future ( which I doubt will happen ) but If it does… It may cause a good scene out here but till then… training mode nonstop. I swear Ive put like 100+ hours into training mode, I rather like play other people.


Hmm…well i see you got TvC in your sig as well, would you be willing to come down to the Fairfield/Suisun area? I got a few friends from Oakley that come down here every now and then to play…


Im down to play TVC as long as I get help learning. I have my wii fightstick and all.


i live not to far from lmc the only thing is i work most of the time but we can def get a session in on one of my days off bro


what days? Im there everyday I got class today and I have to do a lab from like 12 to 3ish.


my next day off is tuesday so im good all day that day


Well if you’re trying to learn from me on a regular basis then you’re gonna learn alot hehe. Not that I’m tryin to big up myself, but I DID kinda get 2nd at evo, and the only person to ever defeat Marn in tourney…


u must be my cuzin dondons friend i think i played u in sf4 before


Yeah my friend Tyrome or however you say it said I should shoot down if I want to learn. Im down just itll be on weekends mostly. Any chance you can teach my online somehow? Like I know there is no microphone for the game but like via skype or talkbox ya know?


Whats his lasy name? and where does he live?


well, online ain’t too bad if you’re just right there and you have a wired internet connection, but if you want you can come through this weekend to the Clocktower tournament I’m running this Saturday. We also got Blazblue and SSF4 there as well, check out the thread!


oh i was talkin to vader but anyway just let me no if u wana get some casuals in on tuesday


To vader: I work this saturday so not this weekend, But the shadowbrooke biweeklys im always at. I plan on bringing my Wii and set up as usual so Ill let you know if its going down sunday. Also so I have to have my WII wired for a good connection no wifi?

PS so far my team is chun li and zero. and do you have like AIM or something?

Marquez: I just have a bio quiz teusday but I will most likely come through


Anyone willing to meet up at like a cafe or somewhere ( anywhere we can play in public so maybe others will join in thus growing the community ) Like Im so down.