Looking For Training Partners with skype (preferrably high level but everyone is welcome)


hey guys. I.m a street fighter V pc player birdie main. At the moment I’m a diamond player and ranked 300 something. I’ve been an online warrior for a long time now (I’m an 09er). I don’t live near anyone who plays this game at a competitive level and I don’t have a scene. I’m looking for training partners that I can play experimental casual sets with, most importantly talk to on skype. Together we can share information, I can tell you everything I know about how to beat birdie and exploit his weaknesses and you can teach me the same for your character.

I’m looking to work together with others, communicate, and experiment in order figure out how we can grow to be better players at a faster rate then endlessly grind online ranked with no communication.

My figherID is “JohnnyBreeco”. let me know if you are interested and we can trade skype info over dm


You can endlessly grind on this dick.


If you were an 09er…you’d know by now that General Discussion is not for fighting games and your furry hookups.



this is my first post, where is the right place to post this?


Try matchmaking or the streetfighter 5 subforum broseph. You still looking to get your seal broken?


Moved from GD.

GD is not for fighting games.

GD is for grumpy old men and ST.


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