Looking for training partners!

Looking for people who are down to mash it out and just better your game.

GT: DRF Sanity

any game in particular?

I’m down, I have MVC3
Gamertag DiscoCake

i dont have mvc, im all 4 ssf4. Gt jdhascandy

Hey im down too if anyone wants to train with me. I’m an ok all around fighting gamer. I play Capcom fighters and SNK fighters. hit me up on XBL Gamertag: D Trini Wayne … working on getting a ps3 next lol.

GT: ArkChainer
I play SSF4 and MVC 3. I’m no noob but far from great in either (especially the latter). I desperately need training partners instead of the one (godly) friend I have now.

GT: Mondo519
I play both MVC3 and SSF4. But i play SF more and definitley want to improve my game on SF… reply to post if want a training partner… I play with Ryu and Guile

MvC3 = BishopeLoudhart

I am new as well, trying to find practice partners!

Fairly new to MVC3 but hit me up.

GT: The Int3rsect

Add me: el qwik draw

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