Looking for tutor for online play-

Hey guys, hows it goin? I’m semi-new to SSF4AE, and brand new to UMVC3, I’m interested in anyone who wants to send me a friend request and would like to help me with mechanics, tips, etc. for online play in either game. My setup is a Street Fighter X Tekken arcade fightstick, I play on 360, my gamertag is SupaFlySpy1980. Hit me up , I like to learn, the trick lies in, what must I learn.

Online matchmaking for XBL goes here, which includes finding helpers, although chances are slim:


But your better option is to find local scenes and competition, who will be far more willing to help you out as long as you show up consistently and you’re not an asshole:


Another option is to thumb through these forums, as well as look for helpful tutorial videos on youtube, to help you out.