Looking for Twelve Match Vids

Just what the subject says :p. I search high and low for vids of this guy, but i can only find a tournament where you see someone play with twelve once :(. Koriyama is the best thing i could get (ibuki vs twelve swoooon i have to watch each match twice so i can focus on each character :P). But this isn’t just for me, if you guys need any twelve match vids, i’ll be glad to send them to ya via AIM (s/n LimeGreenNinja) or point ya in the right direction on MIRC (EFnet #gamecombos)

oh yeah, i heard some great things about a twelve player that stomped some of my friends at ECC9. Could that have been you Thongboy??? You should really record some of your casual matches just to help a fellow Low Tier Lover!!

Anyways, a friend of mine’s been bringing his cam to the arcade lately maybe i’ll beable to put up some of my twelve matches on the interweb :D.

Nah, I couldn’t make ECC. So solly cholly.

N - The vid is on hiatus, but not indefinitely. I’ve naked business to attend to.

just switch your location to Vagaina.

lime green potoato,

i have some 12 vids. he loses in all of them… but i have some.


N - I’m working on it right this second, I swear.