Looking for two plug holes for my te fightstick


lizard lick is on pre order so if anyone has an extra pair i would like to purchase at 5$ shipped




i have 2 for $5 shipped. PM incoming.


LOL, I just sold you those 2. You no longer need them Tim?


haha no, plans for the stick changed :frowning:



That’s cool!


bought them from tim.
yay. got so tired of the first two on the fightstick i kept hitting them by accident. Re routed my wires and need to fill those two holes. Cant wait to make stickers of keely and lisa from save by the bell to go ontop of the plugs lol


What the…haha!


yup. got a whole zack and screech theme. so I figure ill create lisa and kelly stickers to go over the button holes to go along with the fightstick theme.