Looking for UK Fighting Game Players


Hey Folks

I’m from Perilous Gaming, a UKesports org, were I’m currently Dota 2 Community Manager. While Dota is great and all, fighting games are my first love and I’ve been given the go ahead to form a fighting game team starting with SFV. If you have decent results with SFV in tournaments and are not already affiliated with an org already then message me for more information. Already going to or be able to go to Hypespotting 5 in Glasgow, Scotland this weekend would be an advantage as well.

Just to let you know. Perilous is currently the biggest non sponsored esports org in the UK with 7 teams over 5 games. Due to us not being sponsored, we can only offer you tickets to tournaments/LANs and not accommodation, travel, expenses ect. To make up for this though we don’t take a cut of prize money and offer our players full LAN and tournament support.

If you are still interested, or would like more info, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

P.S. I hope this is the right place to post this.