Looking for UMVC3 Mentor



Hi Shoryuken Forums -

I suck at fighters, I always have. For some reason I was never able to grasp the execution concepts of “frame data”, “wavedashing”, and many other skills needed to play fighting games well. That’s not to say I don’t understand how they work and what they mean, but I was never able to put them to use.

I’ve since developed a craving and desire to improve my ability to play fighting games. Maybe Mortal Kombat was the gateway? I don’t know, but I’m eager to improve at UMVC3.

To put it simply, I have very little depth in the game. I can typically execute most BnB’s provided they don’t involve jump canceling, air dashing, or are reliant on tiger knee motions (although I manage to land them about 50% of the time. However I understand a LARGE portion of the game, I can watch all the streams and pretty much understand/follow exactly what’s going on and why.

Now to the main part - I WANT A MENTOR! I know there are people out there who love to teach others, I know because I’m one of them (just not with UMVC3 obviously). A veteran player who is eager to pass on knowledge!

My current team setup is Nemesis (Point) - Ammy (Mid) - Hulk (Anchor)

If anyone is interesting, I’d love to talk to you before hand and see what you’re all about. You can message me on here, or message me on Xbox Live: iZyn is my handle.

Thanks in advance.



Not one person interested in helping someone improve at the game? :frowning:


it isnt that, this section is hella dead for umvc3. try posting in the umvc3 section. youll get plenty of people to help you


I tried that. It got moved by a mod :frowning:


While I am somewhat new to UMvC3 myself, I’d consider myself a reasonably fighting game player, and I would be very willing to spar with you and help us both. :slight_smile:
Add me on XBL: CloserDivision
See ya around :slight_smile:


I will help you. I good for it when it comes to combos and advice.
What would you like help with?