Looking for UMVC3 Mentor :)

[INDENT=1]Hi Shoryuken Forums -

I suck at fighters, I always have. For some reason I was never able to grasp the execution concepts of “frame data”, “wavedashing”, and many other skills needed to play fighting games well. That’s not to say I don’t understand how they work and what they mean, but I was never able to put them to use.

I’ve since developed a craving and desire to improve my ability to play fighting games. Maybe Mortal Kombat was the gateway? I don’t know, but I’m eager to improve at UMVC3.

To put it simply, I have very little depth in the game. I can typically execute most BnB’s provided they don’t involve jump canceling, air dashing, or are reliant on tiger knee motions (although I manage to land them about 50% of the time. However I understand a LARGE portion of the game, I can watch all the streams and pretty much understand/follow exactly what’s going on and why.

Now to the main part - I WANT A MENTOR! I know there are people out there who love to teach others, I know because I’m one of them (just not with UMVC3 obviously). A veteran player who is eager to pass on knowledge!

My current team setup is Nemesis (Point) - Ammy (Mid) - Hulk (Anchor)

If anyone is interesting, I’d love to talk to you before hand and see what you’re all about. You can message me on here, or message me on Xbox Live: iZyn is my handle.

Thanks in advance.


Though I definitely can’t tutor you, I would suggest buying the Bradygames guide if you have not already, it helps a ton with understanding things like frame data (and lists them all :P).

See I understand frame data, I just don’t know how to implement it into my gaming. Does that make sense? Or do I suck at explaining Lol.

Makes sense :slight_smile:

Zin I am not high level tournament advanced, but if none of my usual sparring buddies are on I can try and help you. I know how to play nearly every character competently and love talking theory marvel, so I might be able to help you out. Just send me a friend request my tag is OZGFIVE for xbox live.

Hey Mkeller73 -

Sounds great! Chances are, you’re still a lot better than me and I could probably learn a thing or two. Theorycrafting is lots lots LOTS of fun :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a request when I get home from work.



I’m rather new to playing against actually people but I’ve been practicing pretty often :smiley: Send me a invite for xbox live. The name is Calvat. >_<

For sure! I’m down to play everyone, but I’m specifically looking for a mentor. Someone who can tell me how to improve etc.

This confuses me. most of the time you ask for something like this on forums like this people shoot you down without even skipping a beat.
Im TERRIBLE at Umvc3 and want to get better but will someone actually mentor you? A veteran that will teach you?? Most vets ive come across are kinda elitist…

Gamertag is Pong Boom on xbox live. You can hit me up and I’ll teach you.

I’m too n00by to mentor you, but I can suggest looking around in the character forums for the 3 chars you’ve chosen. Some of them have some really good info in them, for example the Dormammu forum has a hilariously detailed and comprehensive guide to playing him, and the Iron Man thread has lots of good ideas bandied around on how to use him competently.

The other thing I can suggest is just practice moar. If you can only do TK motions half the time then lack of execution is prolly half the problem, if not more. You have to be able to control your characters consistently before you worry about implementing stuff like frame data.

I only have it on ps3. I might have to suck it up and buy a xbox360 stick…

Adding you tonight!

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