Looking for Useful Option selects, and a specific one

I have upped my seth game considerably as of late and I think its time I started to incorporate option selects. As of right now I only use a basic fake cross up/safe-jump OS throw.

I would like to know important OS’s, as well as find what is the best option select for somebody who loves to dash as I cross them up.

I can guarantee he WILL try to dash away because his character has an amazing dash.
I want to make him pay and become scared to dash so I can easily control the mixup forcing him to guess and take his get out of jail card out of the game.

You could use Jump in and OS Legs? Would catch a backdash.

Thanks for the reply, what would the input look like?

: /

j.HK > qcb+K before you land.

OS SPD behind Dive Kicks is also cool sometimes.

os spd? Just spd during the dive kick?

Yeah. very useful if the opponent is focus happy OR if you’re fighting a small hitbox character whereyoir dive kick sometimes whiffs.

ex.srk > OS[:r::df: neutral :r::df: :mp:+:mk: :r::df: neutral :r::df::p:] is something I’ve been using a lot recently which is really useful with 3 bars, you either ex.srk then get a followup ex tanden combo or ultra2, or on block you just FADC.


Non-ex srk version is fairly pointless though as you loose damage and a reset by not fadc’ing on hit, unless you can kill them in one srk so no point in wasting meter.