Looking for veteran player's input


Not too sure whether to put this in the OE thread, or in the Chun sub forum, dont know where it would get noticed best.

anyways this a set me an my bro played on OE, we are going to get cab footage soon.

I noticed plenty of mistakes and poor decision making, and I am hoping to hear from you veterans what I should be focusing on and work on. I can only see so much, thats why I hope to hear from you more experienced guys.



Initially, I can tell you’re jumping too much in the beginning. Chun has no need to jump.

0:39, why did you go for a parry there? You wouldn’t get much out of a punish there since there was no meter.

2:27, instead of doing the lightning legs, since he’s stunned, use the opportunity to build a little meter for yourself. I don’t recall Lightning Legs really building much, but I could be wrong.

I haven’t watched the entire video, but I felt like you do your best work when the momentum is clearly in your favor. Against both Ken and Yun, as soon as your brother got the offensive on you, I didn’t feel like you were really going to win, save for a clutch pull or anything like that. I’m not sure if that’s being chalked up to nerves or not, but that’s something to clean up a bit.


Yeah when i would get caught up in that ambiguous cross up bullshit i wasnt too sure how to get out. Tried to red parry the close strong a few times but kept missing it. As for the stun then legs. Now on ill look at building meter like you said. Thats something that never enter entered my mind.


Most of the time, you really gotta watch the range that he’s approaching you at and then figure out what his response is based on history.


I’m curious why you stand so close on your opponents wakeup. Is your kara throw not solid enough yet? Cause it seems underused for a Chun Li player. I’m much more uncomfortable waking up against Chun when she is just in range for c.mk since basically everything Chun has is still a threat while negating some of the options I would have if she were right next to me.


I think its more out of habit, some of the guys I play are easy to bait wake up whatever by just being beside them. Other than that…idk, I was playing makoto a little earlier, and I try to stay in peoples face when I run her, maybe it carried over? I will pay more attention next time I play.
I also I kept messing up my tick set ups. but I’m pretty confident on my kara throws.
I will keep this in mind tho, because I know in general my footsies and spacing need work.

edit:went back and watched it again, pretty much every time Im right there on his wakeup.


With the normals and fear that you can instill with Chun-Li, there’s absolutely no reason to be so close. For that matter, for anyone else reading, it’s never good to be right on top of your opponent unless you absolutely know the response your opponent will have.


I think you should focus on dominating mid range. Like, a really good Chun can play well just by reacting to opponents instead of acting first. Think of Chun as a latent hydrogen molecule. When a foreign item is introduced (i.e; "Fire) H reacts with the fury of 1000 suns. Chun has NO need to jump whatsoever considering that her best options come out of her ground game.
Like, Chun has the best footsies and I usually stem mine out of c.lp. Most of her buttons can be “ticked,” with c.lp and can force opponents not to guess high or low afterwards. But yeah, focusing on dominating the mid-range, defense of her “close,” air, and instead of being super offensive: read, react, but keep your opponent honest.
Edit: I wouldn’t consider myself a “vet.” Been playing for a year and some change as of today, but I can hang.


You really gotta blow up those jump ins. Watched one of the Ken matches and you just kept letting him jump over you. Walk/dash forward, jump backwards, EX hcb+k or something. Letting any character get into the space right above your head is bad for most of the cast that don’t have shoryu. I love playing Mak cuz I can react to things like that and her dash is amazing. But I’d focus on really shutting down the cross-up. And don’t forget to mix it up. If you jump back to stop cross-ups, sooner or later they will be parried and punished.


You pretty much nailed it with poor decision making, which honestly just comes from lack of match-up knowledge. I’ll try and help as best as I can, though I’m not a Chun player so if I’m wrong about something, hopefully Ryan can come in and save the day.

Chun VS Yun.
First thing I’m noticing, which has been mentioned; stop jumping! Remember that you’re really catching a break vs Yun because his dash sucks, he cant dash under your jumps and punish you, but a good Yun will react and jump f-lp*hp, and then you’re in a 50/50 which is bad.

You’re trying to parry dive kicks too much, if you’re opponent is doing it all day, just cr.RH them, it beats them clean. (You tried to do it a few times, he was already too close; so he dived on top of it.) If he is too close you need to try neutral RH or jump away and reset your spacing. Oh, and it’s not bad to parry them, its just not always ideal because they can time them differently making it difficult. Cr.RH is a safe way to stop them.

After your SA2, you follow up with jump LK, this is mostly used as a 50/50; will you go under them or stay on the same side? You weren’t really taking advantage of this and stayed on the same side every time. You also did LL or cr.mk LL after every reset, if you aren’t making him scared of throws or overheads, he’ll just block every time, no problem, so mix it up, put that fear in him.

Watching Ken vs Chun now.
First thing I’m noticing is your whiffing back fierce and forward fierce, super easy punishes for a shoto. You really have no need to initiate offense because all your pokes destroy Ken’s.

You have him scared of your pokes, allot of times he would just chill and wait, these are the times you need to take advantage of your mk kara throw.

Too much cr.jab, you do it when he either gets too close or on wake up, someone that catches on quick will bait that shit till you stop, and when you’re scared to crouch tech, things get ugly. On a side note, cr.jab isn’t bad, its a great button with Chun, but from what I’ve seen so far, when you aren’t using it on wake up, you’re just hitting cr.jab and walking up for a throw, once he gets used to that idea, you should start doing cr.jab lowforward or kara throw, etc.

With your normal moves, you’re doing great but when you’re playing footsies, you start using them preemptively, which isn’t bad but it is when you’re whiffing far st.RH and forward fierce, both very punishable moves. If you’re scared of him dashing, stick to lowforward and st.strong, you don’t want him taking advantage of the fact that you’re worried about dashes. Use your other pokes reactively, if he whiffs lowforward, foward fierce him or if you have meter lowforward super him, once you get your ranges down you wont be afraid of forward fierce, but right now you’re missing it allot. You’re using far st.RH pretty well, on occasion you’ll use it a bit too close. I don’t know if you are, but everytime you do far st.rh buffer qcf 2 for the confirm if you hit him crouched.

Jump fierce fierce, use it reactively, not preemptively, he just shoryu’d you for guessing he’d jump.

On his jumps- you can dash under, st.jab, parry OS RH/JUMP, or simply jump away. If you’re feeling sick, react air throw (feels so dope haha) But yeah, where I’m at, hes taking advantage of the fact that you aren’t doing much to stop his jumps, which takes away one of the reasons Chun is a bitch, dat wall.

alright, this is too long and I’m pretty drunk but good shit, you’re going to be sick. #1 advice is just watch more videos and play better people.

oh and you asked what you should be focusing on more: using your normals reactively, choosing better buttons to use in certain situations, putting in a better throw game; nothing is scarier than fighting a chun who’s good at baiting throws. Make sure you’re spotting crouch teching, once you punish them for that they’re forced to guess or just chill, which gives you free throw mixup.


Yeah ive only done far roundhouse>super link a few times before. Im trying here and there to get a better feeling for it and implement it more. The one thing ive never done in a match is cr jab super, which im not.confident enough in my execution and reactions to do something like parry>cr jab hoyoku. Rather attempt.


Wouldn’t worry about that one so much. That’s something that’s more useful in a guessing situation than anything. Could be real useful for blowing up throw attempts though.
Truthfully, I think Chun is one of the hardest characters to play well because her options are so great that you can get lulled into being predictable and that’s what gets me killed when I play her. Thing is, she’s not really an offensive powerhouse* so I can’t go in with her the same way I do with Makoto. Much respect for you learning her.

*Does a hell of a lot of damage off everything she does though.


The cr jab super is most useful for like if you red parry ex slashes or if you parry a shoto move and are wanting to beat out their reaction uppercut. Tho im sure theres more uses i just cant recall from various match vids


with crouching jab she can poke slow overheads before they can connect and I believe she can crouch under crossup air tatsu as well with it


ok played my friend tonight at the arcade, and again only his ken gave me a problem, its still the jumping bullshit. self diagnosis: I think I freeze up going thru all the options of the things I can do in my head, and i just let him jump at me and hit me with whatever while I’m still thinking how I should respond. or I could just suck and am making excuses lol.

I worked my mk kara alot more this time around tho, and stayed at low forward range on his wake up like yall said, and less hp whiffs. thanks for all the input so far you guys.


I’ve had this problem and I know people who struggle with it still. I think when youre really doing a lot of studying of the game you become more susceptible to it. In my experience it helps to just commit and deal with consequences if you’re wrong. Inaction, second guessing yourself, and/or lack of confidence in your decisions is way more likely to lose you games than a single wrong decision. Gotta keep in mind that every player still makes the wrong decision from time to time.

I know that’s kind of abstract, but hey, just wanna say I been there dawg lol


One cannot rely on the book too much. I’ve played players that relied simply on the data, and once you got them off of the book, they didn’t know what to do. The idea is simple: be organic. Let it come to you. Have an idea, but don’t have a pattern.

And when that doesn’t work, drink a fifth of whiskey and post on SRK.


its the socal way

and also probably the reason most socal 3s heads i know dont work lol


Hey, pherai, you still looking to go to EVO? Car’s set up and everything.


Are you saying 3s players are a bunch of NEETs? I just learned this word today, btw.