Looking for video file size reducing program

If you dl tv shows (who doesn’t these days?), you’ll notice that the average size you’ll find for 30 minute avi files is 175mb. I like to record stuff while I’m at work using a tv tuner with s-video and composite audio cables running from my cable tv receiver to my pc, but the file sizes are pretty large for just 30 minutes. Is there some video editing program that all/most encoders use to reduce file size without raping the video quality?

You’re going to have to get something like Premiere or Vegas with the proper codecs.

AutoGK Homepage - THE tool for XviD / DivX conversion - Downloads

Usually coding them in MPEG4 should lower file size without quality loss. You might find a program which is able to do so, but many will cost money.

I just tried something: I recorded for a half-hour, and got an avi with a siz of 1.19gb. I put it on my ps3, cut out the commercials with the current firmware’s video editor, and ended up with a file size of 314mb with a run-time of 21 minutes and some change. Afterwards, I can put it into Total Video Converter and, as per AoBfrost’s suggestion, convert it to mp4. Thanks, guys!

also would recommend using a H264 codec with an MP4 container. nice small size with good quality

Oh, crap…the ps3 already encodes it to mp4 when you edit the file in Video Editor. Wow.