Looking for videos about the "Street Fighter II" arcade scene


I’m from Germany and arcades are basically nonexistant here.

That’s why I wanted to ask you: Do you know of any videos, on YouTube or whatever, that document or simply show the arcade scene from the early 90s when “Street Fighter II” and its various versions were popular?
I want to get a picture of what those arcades were like back then.

Please note: I’m not talking about the tournament scene or anything like that.

I just want to see some scenes of the general daily routine at an American arcade when SF2 was popular. This can be a full documentary or maybe just a five minute news report or some private person filming his visit.

Do you know of anything like that?


You want to hunt down Bang the Machine, I think. There’s also some interviews/documentaries at the end of the B3 tape, I think. Those might be too tournament-centric. If so, just hunt around on YouTube or whatnot I guess. :\


Also I think the oldest footage “foundable” is the 1994 official Capcom SSFII tourney. I always get a kick re-watching it (In fact: going to watch it again!)

Here is the playlist:


Thanks for these videos. I’ll have a look.


I often wish I had some of it on video, good times but I guess you had to be there :wink: