Looking for Viper sparring partner

I main E. Honda and I really want to practice and learn the C.Viper match up. A sparring partner would be great online. If you live near Artesia, CA EVEN BETTER! :slight_smile: Or challenge me at Super Arcade!

Why do you need to practice Honda vs Viper? He shits on Viper almost for free. His neutral jump hp shuts down her bks and you can just ex.headbutt out of pressure for free cause we cant punish it and only a aerial lk.bk beats it so if the Viper is doing this just headbutt while she’s grounded pressing buttons. Vipers will run away in this match and try to bait a headbutt so we can start our pressure so just walk her to the corner and don’t let her SJ.Bk out and kill her with hands combo. I swear I have never beaten a good Honda maybe once or twice when I got a knockdown and spammed lk.bk.

i’ll play with you.
psn : huey25free

No offense but Honda beats low level vipers, but high level vipers DESTROY Honda. I played Jayce the Ace at super arcade AND round 1 and he f-ed me up terribly. You’re right about the neutral jump HP against BK but a great Viper will utilize other tricks and tips to get in and not just spam bk all day. Also for me personally I just haven’t figured out where to block the burn kicks when she does her “vortex” so that’s what I personally want to focus on.

Granted this is before AE 2012, but at 1:16 she stuffed a headbutt with her seismo @.@ Hoodaman is a great Honda player too and he does NOT win grand finals easily.

And to be honest this isn’t even Latif Viper @.@ scary red head…
Also just think last year at sbo quals with Latif vs. Mike Ross…that would be a great reference video…

No way Viper “DESTROYS” Honda. Just cause you played Jayce and got “f-ed up terribly” doesn’t mean it’s automatically in Vipers favor, I got owned buy a Guy player the other day does that mean the match is in his favor? No that just means 1. the Guy was way better than me or 2. I just have no Guy experience so I didn’t know what to expect. A match isn’t always about beating the character it’s also about beating the player so when you get destroyed by someone don’t automatically think the other character had the advantage take into consideration that you lost because of something you were or weren’t doing and see if you lost because of you or your character.

How does Hoodaman not wining grand finals easily account for the match being in Vipers favor? It’s grand finals so both players should be really good so despite who they picked it should be a close match. You can see in that match all Crizzle was doing was lk.bk setups and grabs into a left or right mix-up, also he was doing the same setups lp, lk, walk up throw/ dash up lk.bk cause Hoodaman never did ex.headbutt to get out of pressure Crizzle was beating Hoodaman not Honda. As you can see Vipers options are limited depending on how the Honda plays and Honda just plays like usual doing hella damage while Viper probably wont be able to land her strongest combo FFF so we’re doing little bits of damage against a character with a lot of health while Honda does a lot of damage to character with low health…how is this in Vipers favor?

That Latif Video is not a good reference that Honda obviously sucked or was nervous/mindfucked. He missed his combos and was trying to rush Viper down cause he got caught in Vipers fast paced gameplay he should have tried to slow Latif down not try and keep up with him, also he ate a fp.tk every time he got a knock down or tried to apply pressure so he was not on point.

Mike Ross is just free to Viper he always complains that she’s broken and what not.
Btw not every Viper is Latif, Don’t decide a match-up cause Latif bodied X person/character Latif is Latif and its debatable that he’s the best Viper so take into account his skill lvl vs who he is playing, Latif is broken and needs to be nerfed.

why are you mentioning mike ross

the biggest fraud of all of sf4

Maybe a fraud in UMVC3… SF? Nah, I Dont think so…