Looking for Wired DualModded Control Pad (PS3/360)

So i’m after a wired controller for fighting games. I’m a pad player and getting the perfect set up
is the only thing thats preventing me from going to casuals/tournaments. What I need is a wired pad
that (preferably) has Playstation type face buttons but is compatible with 360 as well as PS3.

I’ve tried looking for a 3rd party controller line that has both a 360 pad and a PS3 pad with the exact
same face buttons. that way, I could just buy both pads and use whichever one for whichever console
the casual is running on. However, no luck. The closest ive found to that are the madcatz fight pad line
and those are booty butt cheeks.

I already have the eTokki line of converters, but every time I’ve used them, I’ve very noticable encountered lag,
especially when using them with a PS2 or PS1 pad going into a 360. You also have to press harder on buttons than
you regularly would when playing. Pressing lightly will result in that button press not being recognised… I brought
that issue up in the eTokki thread here but it was made out to seem like only my devices were doing that and that
it wasn’t a problem with the converters themselves.

Is there anyone that is doing pad mods for a PS1 or PS2 type controller for use with 360?
Or is there a trustworthy converter or 3rd party line that has something I’ve missed.

ps. Im in the London area, if that helps. but am willing to work with postage stuff if theres
anyone overseas who is in the modding scene.


Hit up gummo. He’s a member here and seen him do dual mod pad hacks all the time. http://www.gummowned.com

Thanks for that. I’ve fired him an email