Looking for Wright tips



Newbie question time once again but any tips for trial wright I’ve been rushing to turnabout mode(Like the Newb I am) and using that but I want to try to use him in trial mode. Like some setups in trial mode to turnabout and what combos I should be using/


I personally like the “Heavy Badgering” combo in Lythero’s tutorial as a good Trial BnB.

Don’t be afraid to switch back to Investigation Mode to call Maya before switching back to Trial. Maya plus an assist makes covering Wright easier.

Although Turnabout Mode’s zoning game is obviously superior, Trial zoning can work with good assists.

The trick is landing the first hit; comboing into the Bridge to the Turnabout isn’t that hard. DHCs, some THCs, and TACs can work. Crumples or high Ground Bounces also work. :h:,:h:,:f::h: also works if the opponent is NOT CROUCHING. Again, Assists and Maya work here.

You CAN get Turnabout Mode off assists. This is partucularly useful against things like Hidden Missiles or Sentinal Drones, where the Assist Character stays out for a while. Assists that charge toward you like Akuma’s Tatsu or Vergil’s Rapid Slash can also be hit given practice with the timing. These have the added bonus of usually not being covered by the main character.

Order in the Court is a good “get off me” and/or punish hyper. X-Factor right after to follow up for a combo (If you’re fast, you MIGHT be able to switch back into trial mode before starting a combo. Don’t quote me on that, I haven’t tested it.)

Paperwork High and Low are good anti-projectile substitutes for Maya if you aren’t keen switching back and forth between modes.

There’s nothing wrong with a strategy that involves getting Wright to Turnabout Mode as soon as possible. Heck, it’s my strat. Just remember you must properly cover Wright on his approaches.


I just block the vergil assist not fast enough to hit him but might have to try it out in training and ya Order in the court helps my ass ALOT. Also what can haggar get from get em missle after drop kick otg into f.:h: pipe I can only do Hoodlum launcher L


What I like to do, is in any lvl X Factor after u land a judge, switch to doom. And stand m or h and do doom loop for a dead character, also what I notice which is really good is when you use a hyper that has invincible frames like bionic arm or she hulk grab anti air hyper, u can dhc to Maya smelting and happy b day or punish, great since your taking advantage of the invincible frames, u may still get hit as Wright but he’ll lose very little damage,
Also try to start confirming of Wrights air h in trial mode, it’s a little tricky but worth it, you’ll be surprised how high he can confirm off it


I can verify that you can, in fact, mode switch after an Order in the Court if you X-Factor it very early. You have just enough time to get an objection in or dash up and launch. If you don’t have an OTG assist, you can use it to get TM off of throws or overheads, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really good at mode switching, because if you screw up the input you’re going to have burned your X-Factor and have nothing to show for it.

I would recommend always trying to get to Turnabout with Wright, for two reasons: 1) In TM is when he becomes the most fun and 2) he’s completely ass in both other modes.

When you’ve got 3 pieces of evidence, you may be tempted to just super jump towards your opponent and spam objections. Don’t do this. Any smart player is going to dash under you and punish you for free when you land. The easiest way to get an objection is to tag out to another character. Once your other character lands a hit, TAC into Wright and do the objection. Alternatively, if your character has a combo that ends in the corner, you might be able to DHC into Maya and then get the objection after that. If you somehow get a hit with Wright, you can always combo an objection straight after a launch. The best way to get the objection in a combo with Wright is by doing :h:,:h:,:f::h:, because with this way you’ll still be on the ground so you can combo off of it more easily.


After order in the court, you can X Factor and raw tag, like what I do is bring out doom and use the hard knock down and otg and doom loop anywhere on screen, kills any level. Also works with she hulk, to kill stupid that get away with. With just pressing buttons… Zero cough cough,