Looking For XBL/Stream Mic Solution

Hey Tech…trying to figure out a way to get my XBL chatter to show up on my stream/recordings. I was initially going to just have the voice output set to ‘play through speakers’ or ‘both’, then have a desk mic feeding into the stream, so the incoming chat plays straight to the capture and my voice gets picked up by the desk mic so it doesn’t sound like people are just talking to nobody.

First hitch I hit is that when I use my wireless headset, if I set my voice preferences to anything but ‘play through headphones’ none of the voice audio comes out at all. Second issue atm is that having my desk mic set high enough to pick up my voice from my sitting position made it also strong enough to pick up all the clickity-clackities of my stick buttons.

Open to pretty much any and all suggestions atm, I was wondering if it’d be possible to just frankenstein together a desk mic and an XBL mic so that it outputs simultaneously to both my PC and my 360, but I’m not sure if that’s even a possible thing. Any advice will be appreciated.