Looking for Xbox Guiles



Hey what’s up all, I’m looking for anyone interested in getting in some mirror matches. I see quite a few of the heavier posters here have PS, but I rarely run in to an SRK member’s Guile. Anyone up for some games today? I get on at about 5pm EST.

If you’re interested in some games, add me “Nun Puncher 75” or, leave a message here, and I’ll add you.
I’m always interested in picking up some new tricks from other Guiles


Gamertag: Darkwolf1923

Send meh a friend request


Yeah man anytime, n00btr0n1mat1ca …im on all the time


Excellent, I’ll hit both of you guys up when I get home!




Cool, another new addition. I’ll be adding you guys in a couple of hours


Let’s try again today, no one actually showed up yesterday. Friend requests were all sent out.


add sf4FROMAN, Ill play at 7pm EST.


Add Tri4ce1 and we’ll play sometime.


Cool, I’ll add you too. I know we played a couple of weeks ago, I remember your name.


I’m usually on at really random times, but add me if you want. GT: identi7yyy


sFp Pinewood Sonic BROOM!!


Add Trunxs as well. I main Guile but I am kinda bad at the mirror’s so I will take advantage of this opportunity.





XBL - The Red J

look me up yo!


I’ll add all the new guys to the thread this evening, hope to see you online.


I’m on quite a bit. Jacker is the gamertag


I’ll be on around 8ish EST tonight.

Gamertag is Faster Disaster.


Walker SRK. Guile will take a big bald eagle dump on that ass.


Penguinboy8119, i could sure use the help