Looking for xbox players



well i love fighting games, i’m pretty good not amazing and i want some more people to play with, most people i know play shooters, that’s not really my thing, so if anyone wants to add me on Xbox we can play some games. my gt is WarPiGz54 i play ss4ae umvc3 and SxT.



Just watched the new Maximiliam video. Good showing.

I live on the East Coast but I’m down for some SFxT games. Can only play around midnight or later through the week. I’d say I’m average and use the team of Vega+Marduk/Bison/Juri.

Also have some matches uploaded on my Youtube channel at



add me GT: manman2k6
i have UMvC3 SFxT MvC3 MvC2 SFF4AE MK SF2HF


Add me : soggy plod


Add me: Melfice X

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