Looking for yoga instructor or Dhalsim advice



Hello all,
My brother showed me this forum, I think it’s pretty cool. Anyways being mathematician I dreamed of someone walking up to me and saying “will you teach me everything” you know. So I thought maybe someone might take me under their wing, if not at least now I’m a part of the community!

So a couple things:

  • I have some success blocking in the corner but I’m a little confused about how I get out/punish after a block string. s.lk seems to clear some space… so do I yoga fire -> IAT then back dash out?

  • Against dive kicks is light yoga blast the go to anti air?

  • Being new to SS4 I’ve read I don’t want to just to online, but I go to the lab and can do some stuff but when I play my brother I can’t execute anything. Is it more effective to just lab, lab, lab or should I play my brother and get my ass kicked? What’s a good usage of my practice time, I mean how much lab time vs matches and keep in mind I emerged myself into SS4 for 2 weeks. I’ve watched all the videos from the top player thread and the awesome emperor cow video, but I don’t know where to go from here.


Play a character that’s not 100 % bull shit.

  • Play online against a lot of people. The variety helps in general because different people play the same characters much differently and have different weaknesses.
  • The only thing I use lab for is messing around/ testing combos.
  • Don’t bother using any yoga blasts except EX yoga blast. There is no good way to anti air dive kicks, but if they are already on top of you (after a knockdown for instance), EX yoga blast is the best way to do it. Otherwise you want to just keep anyone with a dive kick as far away as possible.
  • Get used to chaining jab yoga flame after about everything you do, including little jabs and short kicks/slides. This is the best way to push people back. It’s not 100% safe but its fast enough in general that people won’t be able to react to counter it. Also note, some characters like Vega can punish after a blocked flame. Also, you can use EX fireball to push back. It pushes people back pretty far and you don’t have to worry about focus attacks since it’s two hits.


You’ll find that when you play with Sim he is going to be a character that you are going to beat people with using many of your normals. Your specials help with your zoning so that you can punish with your normals. Spacing while important with all characters is very important for Sim. Since Sim doesnt have a reversal say like a dragon punch, flash kick, etc.so when people get in on you it can be tough to get them off. With that being said you must learn how to block, crouch tech and have a very, very good idea of the moves of your opponent. If not you will get blown up. This will only come from playing thousands of matches and just remembering the situation(s) you were in. This is really what separates the great players from the good players from the bad players.
Playing online is fine because you get to see different styles but dont let that be your only way to get competition. Also going from online to offline you will notice a difference in your timing and execution. The thought process doesnt necessarily change in how you approach the match but the timing will be different. Nothing like pressing back round house on-line against a player only to press it to early off-line and eat a combo.
So you will need to know how to handle intense close pressure, utilize your normals to make it difficult for them to get in and utilizing your normals and specials to keep them far. As bagelobo mentioned, ex fireballs help keep opponents back.
Sim has two ultras. Ultra 1 is great and as you have seen if you have super stocked can be a deadly amount of damage. Ultra 1 also is great and is a get off me I need space too. Ultra 2 is powerful but can be tricky getting off on an opponent. If someone sees ultra 2 they might be even leery of jumping towards you even more. The nice thing with ultra 2 though is your oppoenent has to respect you when you teleport and not just block. Also if your spacing is right an opponent who throws fireballs/proectiles can be punished very easily.
Long story short,
[]Besides knowing how to do your specials you need to know your normals. This is vital.
]Learn how to handle intense pressure when your opponent gets in. If you dont have rule number 1 down then your opponent is getting in.
[]Matches played. (matchups) If you dont play many, many matches you will not be doing rule number 1 and rule number 2.
]Watching videos are great and can help initially but again once you become stronger at rule 1,2, and 3 besides seeing what was done you can then understand why and what the person was or was not doing.
There are obviously a lot more things but you dont want to overwhelm yourself. And lastly be prepared to lose. It’s ok though. You actually should cherish losing. This generation really does have it nice when it comes to fighting games. You have replays so you can re-watch them and see what you did wrong and even have others critique them for you. Training mode allows you to create some setups so you can practice possibly countering it, etc.
Good luck man.
And Webweaver obviously has been destroyed by a Sim or plays a brain dead character like Yun or Rufus.


the key to master dhalsim is not what to do in the corner
its how NOT to get to the corner
because once you got into the corner and specially against a dive kick character , its pretty much you’r dead , nothing much u can do about it
thats why rufus , yun , cammy and seth are very bad match ups for dhalsim

for a start i suggest you change the character to understand how the game work, you cant just be in the corner and spam st.lk’s , if you get a counter hit from a frame trap you gonna end up taking lots of damage
you really should know the game well before picking a very technical character like dhalsim

but if you play him because you like him then good luck


But if say I want to practice my corner play, what is safer? b.lk -> b.mk -> st.lk or d.lk xx hcb. lp or b.lk -> b.mk xx hcb. lp

Or what about b.hp xx qcf. hp?


if you wanna know what is safe and what is not, you should study these http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2008/nov/13/dhalsim-frame-data-street-fighter-4/


I’m a very new SF4/sim player, but I have noticed that b.MP destroys both akuma and yang divekicks, assuming it’s not a meaty. The hitbock is big enough and stays out long enough that you hit divekicks and full jumps.