Looking in from the outside and what they think about the FGC

Take a look at this guys. What do you think.


Interesting but makes no sense to me. Name a tournament or large scale operation of competition that caters to the noobs somehow? Its expected really, unless Evo did what that Korean online feed of starcraft tourney did and Hire a commentator that caters to people who have no idea whats going on. If I went to some starcraft or halo final IM sure I would of said the same thing.

It’s an interesting read. I can definitely see his point, but Evo isn’t an event for the common masses, it’s an event for the hardcore.

I hate to be so harsh toward someone who’s clearly not TRYING to be abrasive, but I’m low on sleep and cranky, so…



Even with the SC announcer, if you don’t know the lingo you’ll still be lost. For example: 9 pool, 3 hatch, Fast Expand, SK Terran…Proxy ____, Bisu build etc…

There is a comment on the bottom saying “Evo is not for pro-gamers,” well, it must be pretty easy to get CGS like events with a shit load of capital, probably from WoW or Quake. Its as if it is simple to get sponsors and raise enough venture capital to get all the laser light shows and coverage that CGS gets. And wasn’t DOA in the Evo lineup before? And didn’t it get like 3 participants?

Namco patched T5 again?

SNES or XBL version?

But nobody cares about DOA anymore.

This guy must have not know or read the site and kept up with news. SCIV is nowhere near a big game yet. And the game just recently came out. Sure, EVO is going to add it immediately to the line-up. Using SFIV and SCIV in that article felt like he was running out of things to say at that point. You can’t hold a huge scale tourney for a game that isn’t even out yet in America. This isn’t like any sort of FPS where you can pick it up and play immediately.

I dunno, he’s comparing EVO to other hugely sponsored events. It’s still pretty niche at the moment for fighting games and it’s making it’s way there bit by bit. I mean, the same can be said for SBO as well. You don’t walk in and just know what the fuck is going on. You have to experience it to know what it is. ANY of us can write the same article in reverse in regards to the FPS scene or any of the major gaming leagues in America. And top 8 at EVO ALWAYS announces the players. This dude sounds like he just didn’t show up for grand finals.

And yeah, calling our scene a relic is definitely unfair. Hell, to say that EVO doesn’t want to appeal to sponsors is downright ignorant. Was he even there last year?

What is the point of writing an article saying “this thing that people like is awesome and if you like it’s awesome for you, but i dont like it so it wasn’t even trying to be awesome to me?”

Man fucking competitive cup stacking could be raking in so much more attendance if they’d just make a higher stakes cup stacking event for grownups maybe with some full contact variants and tits everywhere. What a bunch of losers wasting all that potential to whore themselves out.

Isn’t the Champion Gaming Series the closed tournament thing that won’t let just anyone enter, and in some cases don’t even let the best of the game enter? I remember hearing something about the best DOA players not being invited.

I posted a big long comment with my thoughts on the article. Read it if you want.

Ya I read that shit, good read and agree with most of it SJ

Only thing you should have added was that next year more new games will probably make the roster since the first time in many moons new 2d fighting games that seem worthwhile are coming out.

I hinted at it, but it’s not like the new games will be any different from this year’s games in terms of who they cater to.

The posts I’ve read regarding the article are definitely not all that informative and they’re just spouting shit out of their keyboards to post.

agreed, however noone but the author has touched on the idea that evo SHOULD cater to everyone, they’ve merely suggested it as a point of debate and then stated that they don’t like it. I would agree if i lived in a fantasy land where the cannons and all the OGs will keep putting up money and time and effort for us.

that is not to say that I’m downplaying anyone who has ever held a tourney or community based event. and I’m also not saying that anyone who has held an event hasn’t done better than evo or done as much work or effort etc. Look at season’s beastings and the so.cal community…hell, look at anyone. everyone does a great job. empire to :tup: i remember those mtv interviews, lol

I think this article is suggesting that change is neccessary and is wondering why there is little evidence as to why we haven’t tried.

BTW spirit juice i read your post, good shit.

as to why or what plans are ahead, I’ll leave that to the cannons or whoever wants to answer from SRK. I’m sure the answers will not come as much of a surprise to everyone, as our community is tight like that :tup: and I’m sure Tri-force can’t wait to tell us what empire has lined up.

But props to the illest grass roots scene ever. It’s only grown in size and we are definetly some of the most skilled gamers out there.

And as was previously stated, I think our community will get a nice kick in the ass when Tekken 6 sc4 sf4 tvc mvc2 and i dunno, doa5 make it onto the next roster.
I say give them as much money and space as they need because you will make it back in spades, and have room for what is in your heart, Street Fighter.

I think that EVO/SRK Staff have the chance to take over the fighting game scene, quit their shitty jobs and break through. And I have complete confidence that in 2025 when i come back to evo23 there will be a farely larger piece of space set aside for the OGs, which in the FGC, is everyone reading this post.

I’m not gonna get into anything else about community unity and bang the machine and John Choi(no disrespect) because i don’t want to get off topic and i want to hear what is actually in the works for next year and i really want to hear how evo will deal with atleast 4 big name titles next year. should be off the rip!

in closing,
Please change please grow, all we ever needed was a stick and a place to stand…and most of us will play the new shit anyway, we’re first generation gamers, we can’t help it.

Wow. The responses here only further emphasize what the author of the article is trying to point out and that you guys are just either completely ignoring or missing.

Doesn’t it bother people that the FG community is pathetically small? Bitch all you want about whether or not Brawl is a good game, whether it’s competitive or not. How do people feel about the fact that there are multiple cities with BIWEEKLY Brawl tournaments that draw 50+ people each time? When was the last time you saw 50 entrants in any game not at a major? This doesn’t even scratch the surface compared to games like StarCraft or any FPS.

The FG community is small and close minded, and hostile to newcomers, and is slowly strangling itself to death. Sorry if this offends anybody, but it’s true. Yes, part of this is because FGs are technical and hard to get into at a high level, and part of it is because the lack of new games and lack of support from Capcom, etc. But the biggest part of it is exactly what is on display here - the FG community just doesn’t give a shit about anybody who’s not already hardcore.

Fighting games are fun. They are fun to play, and exciting to watch (well, maybe not Chun vs Chun, but whatever). Evo2k8 Finals was some of the most exciting stuff I’ve ever witnessed personally. I don’t even play CVS2 and I screamed myself hoarse as Choi beasted his way to victory. People who don’t know anything about fighting games can watch classic videos such as the Daigo Parry, Tokido busting out Urien unblockables at Evo2k2, Justin’s comeback with Cyclops last year, and get hype. Watching shit like that makes people want to play.

Why don’t more people play then? Why is the community shrinking and becoming stagnant? And I don’t think there’s any doubt that it is.

It’s because the FG community turns away anybody who wants to become part of it. Not an expert? Sorry, nobody’s going to explain anything to you. Don’t know that Ricky plays Pink Blanka and that BAS plays Black Blanka? Sorry, nobody will tell you who is who. Play any of 3 of the 4 most popular 2D fighters in Japan (Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, Arcana Heart)? Get called a ***. Don’t know how to play? Go watch tourney videos and read incomprehensible, jargon-filled posts meaningless to a beginner. Want to get some experience? Sorry, we don’t have time for scrubs/Sorry, we’ll just annihilate you with tactics you have no chance of understanding, much less defending against.

And now we have this - Want to offer some observations about the biggest event of the year, the marquee event that should be showing off the best of what the community has to offer? Want to ask why there isn’t a little more promotion of the community? Why we aren’t trying to appeal just a little more to people not already devoted to the games? Why we aren’t trying to grow the audience, get people excited, make the event worth sponsor’s time, draw new players? How to find a good balance between mass appeal and keeping the purity of the game, the competitive spirit? Fuck you. “It isn’t an event for the masses, it’s an event for the hardcore.”

Why the hell shouldn’t EVO be an event for the masses? Why shouldn’t it have huge audiences that draw sponsors and increase prize pools. John Choi is one of the greatest video game players ever. Why shouldn’t he be winning $50k each for winning CVS2 and ST, rather than $5k total (maybe)? Why shouldn’t he be on TV? Why shouldn’t he be playing in front of a crowd of thousands rather than hundreds?

Obviously there’s realities to deal with, it’s not so easy. I’m not criticizing the Cannons, Mr. Wizard, etc. at all. They’ve done an incredible job supporting this community for over a decade. I loved going to Evo this year, and I’ll probably go next year. But seriously, this community needs a reality check. SF4 isn’t going to save us. TVC isn’t going to save us. The age of a game has little to do with its popularity. Chess is thousands of years old. People have been playing Texas Hold 'em (specifically, not just Poker) for over a century. StarCraft has been out for a decade - longer than Third Strike.

What makes games popular is a combination of quality and accessibility. We have the first, but not the second. Just because anybody can learn to play, has resources to learn to become an expert, doesn’t mean you’re dumbing the game down, or that the quality of play decreases. It just means that more people participate, and new blood actually raises the quality of overall play.

Wake up, people. Stop being dicks.


People need to stop bitching about the lack of new games and then bitch fighting games turn off newcomers because they are to technical, because when vf5 dropped the US fg generally bitched the game was to technical eventho we did get some new converts

Maybe if the author of this article ever took the time to play Street Fighter on our levels his view would be different. Maybe he did; i remember him mentioning the feeling of walking into a 7 year old time capsule or something. So at one time he may have, but then moved on with a large group of others to games like DOA, FPS’s, or WoW because they felt more accessible, proabably for the sole reason that more people played them.
He feels dissapointed, or sad, or maybe even wronged because as a non Street Fighter player or competitor walking into an event for Street Fighter players and competitors he felt left out. I think i may feel the same way if i ever walked into one of the tournys he kept mentioning: FPS’s or a DOA one. Because i don’t play those games. I would expect that.
Maybe i’m missing the point. But i got the feeling that it was more about making more money then attracting more people who play street fighter to come to a street fighter related event.

One idea I had come up with a couple years back was to offer non SF players in person tutorials. There’s typically a “leader” in each gaming community whether within the city/state/province/etc… What I was thinking was that leader get a small staff together and canvas other scenes to see if they’d be interested in learning a new SF from the ground up. More often that not at majors, I’ve come across players who only play Smash or SC or Tekken but they find SF interesting. They’re unwilling to overcome the massive learning curve so they don’t try. If people were to hold tutorials for $5 or $10 a person (to cover the cost of renting like a community centre room for a few hours) and bring in their own gear they could teach completely new players from the ground up. Take some time to print out basic combo lists, matchups and frame data for each character in a particular game as handouts. It’s obvious that the SF scene needs an influx of new blood. While many are banking on the new gen of games to bring in people, it’s up to the established community to get the ball rolling.

People watch other people play HALO and DOA on TV. Again, I repeat, people watch this shit on TV. It’s on fucking G4. It’s broadcast live on DirectTV. MLG is broadcast on fucking ESPN. Do you think everybody tuning in knows the intricacies of how these games are played? Does everybody watching Hold’em on ESPN know the strategies behind Poker, when you should check-raise, what pot odds are, etc.?

Yes, it’s about making money, but what’s wrong with that? Does the fact that you can win real money somehow lower the level of the competitors? That seems pretty unlikely. Also keep in mind that making money follows being popular, not the other way around. You don’t get sponsors, you don’t get on TV, you don’t get advertisers unless there’s an audience. Getting put on TV can help grow that audience, but if nobody cares, then nobody watches and it will fail immediately instead of being successful, growing into a second season, and adding more teams. You need to open up and get people who aren’t already hardcore involved first, before any of that, and that’s the whole point.

The SF community has the potential to grow into something huge, with tons of new players actively joining in, sponsorships, prizes, tournaments aired on TV, because the games are awesome, and the players are awesome, and it’s all really cool and fun to watch - but instead of growth, the community has chosen to be insular, limiting its progress and slowly killing itself. Why shouldn’t we be disappointed by this?