Looking into Arc Systems Works


So I’m on a bit of a journey to “expand my horizons” so to speak, and am looking at giving either Guilty Gear or BlazBlue a go. I have three questions here: What are the major differences between them? Is one more supported by the fans than another? And is there some place I could ask people about the specifics?


Yes. Dustloop. BB:CP is rad beyond belief, but you’ll have to import it if you want to play now.


If you’re interested at all in any of ASW’s games, check out the Dustloop wiki.


This is mostly for system mechanics and how the games actually work. The character wiki pages are woefully out of date and inaccurate, but you should get a decent look at what the games are like and the differences between them with some light reading.

Like any other company that houses several IPs, ASW has Guilty players and Blaz players. Sometimes they cross over, sometimes they don’t. Pick the one you like and is more interesting for you.