Looking into getting a new HD TV, the Samsung or Sony?

Sorry, not to sure if I should have made a new topic on this question or not.
But I’m looking into getting a new HD TV that can support 1080p, however I’m trying to find one that is not laggy when running at such resolutions when playing on my PS3 games (I wanna play my Tekken 6 and BlazBlue on 1080p with no lag, damnitt).

So I’m looking at 2 TV’s right here, one being a Samsung and one being a Sony.

Samsung TV’s model code: LN32A550
Sony TV’s model code: Sony32XBR6

Yeah, as you can see there both 32 inches.
Looking at the TVs, I just love the way the images look on the Samsung TV and it’s also a good $200 cheaper. However, whichever one gives zero lag, that’s the TV I’ll be getting.

So which one will be the best TV to get? Or do you guys have a better suggestion?
Please help! =(

if you want minimal ghosting stick to a plasma. i’ve bought 4 tvs (2 plasmas, 2 lcds) and by far i love my plasmas.

first off i dont think you’ll find 1080p on 32 inch and second you dont need 1080p unless you’re getting something bigger than 42’.

another thing is that it’s hard to find a plasma for 32 inch. most are lcds. i have an lg 32 inch plasma and it was hard as fuck to find.

Well this is a big decision (considering the money involved) so I don’t want to sway you too much, but I may still be of help. I did a lot of research and went in to buy a Samsung (forgot which one) at my local Circuit City. I went straight to the TV and was ready to ask the employee to bring it out when… there was a SONY right below it. I sat there and compared them back to back. I was able to see a visible difference between the two. I don’t know how to describe it, but it felt like the SONY had a more ‘3D’ look. It was like I could see a high degree of depth. I asked some other people, and they could not see what I did. So basically it came down to my own preference. If I had gotten the Samsung, then I would have always regretted my decision since I knew the SONY was better (in my case). But if you are only interested in gaming, then there might see a big a difference as a blu-ray movie.

So if you are lucky enough, try to compare the two side by side. Don’t be afraid to ask the employees to put in a blu-ray, either.

As far as lag, I don’t know how to determine that.

By the way, I know there is a lot of confusion about plasma VS LCD, but both are totally fine. Again, it all comes down to preference. I just read that you are ONLY concerned about lag… so all of my information might be of no use unless they are both lagless, LOL.

I hope I helped! Please don’t come back and tell me I blew all of your money! :sweat:

i dont own one, but i have drooled over a few xbr’s. i say under 40 inch get a samsung, over 40", get an xbr. just my opinion

Anyone will tell you that the Sony has the best picture, but it comes down to how much you value your 200$. Sony will probably have a better resale value should you desire to sell it later. BUt if you like the picture better on the Samsung, and it’s cheaper, then why not go with it?

Are you buying it at a retail store? If so, bring your games there and ask to play them on both sets. If they want a sell they will allow it. :tup:

I know the XBR4’s had ghosting issues, dunno about the XBR6’s. As for lag, check out the specs to see if there’s a “game mode” on the TVs. This setting will get rid of any lag due to video processing (basically turns off video processing). I have a Sammy 46A650 and noticed lag when I played ST on my PS2. When I enabled game mode, there’s no more lag.

I wish my samsung’s game mode would do that : /


I have the ln37a550 in my bedroom looks tight. I paid ~$990 for it.

Both those TVs support 1080p and there 32 inches.
I was able to see a differences 1080p vs 720p on the Samsung TV.

Oh wow, neat!

My SONY also has a Game Mode. Just letting you know that it isn’t a Samsung specific feature.

Looks like my reply was too much of a read, LOL.

The games that he wants to play aren’t out yet. Maybe VF5 or Tekken 5:DR would be good alternatives to test lag.

sorry i meant getting a 32 in plasma 1080p is hard to get.

yea both my lcds are 1080p. 1 plasma is 720 and the other is 1080p i cant tell a difference. all in all i hate lcds.

If it was up to me I would get the Sony32XBR6. I believe you’ll see a major difference between the two when xbr6 releases tomorrow.

Our just do what I did, bring in your ps3 and test it on both LCDS. I have a Sony 40 inch kdl-v4100 now and haven’t regretted it since.:lovin:

i think sharp aquos hdtv’s shit allover samsung and sony. plus they market a lot of models to the gamer crowds, ensuring no lag. but dont get me wrong, sony and sumsung do make great tv’s. aquos just really impresses me most, overall

Actually you might want to check out Panasonic’s 32lz800, from what I’ve heard its a pretty good LCD.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t lag only an issue with consoles that do not output a signal that isn’t native to the display (e.g. PS2 games on a 720p display)? If you’re going to be playing only high def games, just make sure the console is outputting the correct resolution native to your display.

I have a samsung 37inch. Works great for me as a computer monitor, games look great and I don’t notice any trouble playing 3rd Strike on MAME/GGPO

True that.

Oh wow, you can do that?
This is new to me. I hope Best Buy let’s me do this, and yeah I’m buying this TV from retail.

The only reason I looked over Samsung to begin with was because I actually used to work for Samsung and help out on learning the “technical” side of the TV. There intention on making LCD screen seems to also be the same with Sharp. They are trying to prevent lag for gamers, hell I even tested some of the Samsung models before they were put on the floor to make sure games won’t lag.
Sadly, I don’t remember the models I did tested, and even if I did I was not too interested into those TVs, lol ;o



  • Ideally, this is what you always want to do. But when you are speaking about HD consoles, the Xbox360 has a built in scaler, but the PS3 does not. So while you can set the Xbox360 to always output 1080p, the PS3 depends on the actual game itself. Most games are 720p native and will not output 1080p.

That being said, the lag (if any) should be minimal. Most lag comes from deinterlacing rather than scaling. So 720p>1080p won’t cause the problems that 1080i>1080p would.

Well, I suppose I will go with a Samsung seeing as how it looks better in my eyes and is about $200 cheaper.

Thanks for the input! More feedback would be nice seeing as how I won’t buy the TV until like 3 weeks from now, but I’m leaning closer to the Samsung deal.